July 5, 2005

Financial independence Day

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So today is the Fourth of July. A day when we celebrate America’s birthday.
Today in celebration of independence I am filling out a grant application to start my business.
Its amazing, a little over two years ago I was swimming in debt and now I am in the black and looking to get a loan to start a business.
My partner and I sat down with a friend of ours and reworked his finances. We mapped out everything and figured out why even though he’s got a good job (and has for almost 5 years) he can’t afford anything and hasn’t’ made a dent in his college debt. Truth is he needed to assert his independence from the record store.
I think its important for everyone to become financially independent. When I finally paid that last credit card bill it was amazing. I urged you to stop putting it off and get your finances in order.


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