November 23, 2005

This old house…

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Once again I had to strap on the tool belt and restore order to my house.

The time, roughly 5 am on Monday morning. I had just come back from the afterhours dance at Ruta Maya. I decided to run the dishwasher because my houseguests manange to use ALL the coffee mugs and most of the other glassware during their 4 day visit. I pull out the dishwasher soap from the cabinet under the sink and notice that it’s a little funky down there. I decided to investigate rather than ignore it. I pull out all of the cleaning supplies (how I ended up with more than one bottle of windex and a billion sponges is a blur) and I decide that this is going to take some time. I stop there and leave some plastic containers to catch the drip because I am too tired to find the source. It wasn’t as if the leak was a waterfall. Besides, 7 more hours of dripping wasn’t going to hurt.

After sleep and coffee I check out the damage. The intake hose for the faucet was the source of the leak. How to fix it? Well, I am no plumber so I decided to pull a McGuyver and duct tape it so I could deal with the funky rotten wood problem. I pulled out the bottom of the cabinet only to discover that there was a layer of what looked like the floor of a forest after it rains. Muddy and little bits of wood. Damp smell… The only thing missing was signs of life. It would have added a little bit of humor if I found some sort of mushroom or something growing down there.

There is nothing like taking out frustration with a hammer. I don’t have a crowbar so I used the hammer to pry out damaged wood. At some point I realized I should calm down a bit or I would end up destroying the perfectly good plumbing.

Frustration? Yes, I was a little pissy. What caused it? Lack of sleep and, as usual, boys. The general population and one in particular. Rubbing up against boys all weekend at the lindy exchange in combination with tequilla (mmm, mexican martinis). I was so asking for trouble. But I have standards so no exchange hook ups for me. I was also lucky that I was unable to drink and dial (I removed a phone number from my cell a few months ago just for that reason). To top it off, on Sunday morning I wake up in the middle of an orgasm. I had been dreaming about doing very bad things with a guy friend of mine (I thought I had purged that reoccuring dream, apparently not).

So where does that leave me now? Well, after gutting the kitchen cabinet I decided that I would call in for help. I should remove the dishwasher to see how far the leak spread. The leak is still being contained by the duct tape. I may or may not fix it myself.

and for ther record, boys are stupid


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