September 13, 2006

Choose your own adventure

by @ 12:28 am. Filed under employment, growing up, rants

I have been bitching about work a lot lately and was reminded that I am in control of this adventure. Granted there are some major things in life that I have no control over (the start and end of this tale). But I get to choose whether or not I want this job. I also get to have some say in what I want this job to be for me.

So what now? It’s time to re-evaluate. I took some time out yesterday to look at where I’ve been (aka. checking the resume for freshness). I am thinking about where I am now (and more importantly what am I worth). The next thing to do is decide what is next. Specifically, which direction do I go now (There is currently no fork in the road. I need to make a choice to be on or of the path).

Project Management is what I’d like to do. Although I’d prefer to manage projects that didn’t suck. The field that I want to manage these projects in is currently unknown.

Stay tuned boys and girls.


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