December 8, 2006

I’d rather be fishing…

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Work has been crappy so I decided that a trip to the STD clinic would be a nice change of atmosphere (sad, but very true). But hey, a doctor’s appointment is a doctor’s appointment.

I was there because I decided it was time to go. There was no cause for alarm. Its something that responsible adults should do. I also went because I found out that not all ob/gyn tell you that they found cooties when you go in for your annual.

I went to the clinic rather than Planned Parenthood this time. The clinic is only $15 and Planned Parenthood cost me $80 last time. The clinic isn’t all the way in the ghetto so I didn’t mind driving a little farther to save $65.

The whole testing procedure went pretty quick. You go in, they assign you a number and take your money. Then you wait until they call you in to do blood work. More waiting and then they call you in to examine you and ask you a billion questions about your sexual history. They give you a card with the number to call in two weeks when your results are ready.

Overall I can’t complain. There were only 3 snotty nosed kids in the waiting area. They wait was short. There was a moment where I wanted to cuss out the lab tech doing my blood work. I told her that she should use the butterfly needle that they use for kids because my veins are small. I also told her that she should use my right arm instead of the left. But NOOOOO she had to keep on trying. After torturing me she finally went with my original suggestion.

The exam part was ok. The nurse practitioner was pretty cool. She was a little confused that I was there. I don’t think many people show up at the clinic because they feel it’s better to be safe than sorry. The exam went quick and then she started down the list of totally random questions about your sexual history.

They should rethink the order because they made no sense in the order she asked them.

…Have you ever done drugs?
…Have you ever had sex with someone who has done drugs?
…Have you ever traded sex for drugs?

I think that if you answered no to the first question then the third is totally irrelevant.

They may as well toss in “Have you ever traded drugs for sex?”

Now that this is over I will have to come up with a new plan to escape work. The Dentist and the Optometrist are already in the queue.


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