January 1, 2007

To Do List for 2007

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I prefer to do lists over resolutions.

To Do (in no particular order):

  1. Use my passport. I have had my passport for many years and I have yet to use it. I will leave the country this year. Even if I have to sell plasma weekly to afford it. I am leaning towards New Zealand. It’s pretty expensive but the weather rocks year round.
  2. Continue to work on my goal of tollerance.
  3. Paint my pantry and put up new shelves.
  4. Teach more sewing classes.
  5. Interact with real people (not on the internet) atleast twice a week (this is for my “parole officers” Em and Megan).
  6. Read more books (or atleast finish up that pile I purchased in 2006).
  7. Sell that $300 pair of jeans.
  8. Officially start a small business. DBA Spinsta needs to happen this year.
  9. Expose myself to the best things humans have done and try to bring those things into what you are doing.
  10. “Do cool shit, every damned day, or die trying” Tom Peters

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