March 3, 2009

M.I.A? At least the application is done.

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Yeah, so I’ve been a little MIA recently.  Well truth be told, no news is good news.  There has been some things going on recently, but nothing really to note.  I finished my application to UT the other night, just in the nick of time. Whew.  I had Meg’s husband, Jen, and Owen’s dad go over my essays.  They were OK, but I feel like the real reason why I’d get into UT is my resume.  I mean, I’m 27 years old, I have some real life experience, and I’m not some punk kid anymore. (OK, so yeah, I still have purple hair, but… you know what I mean.)

I was thinking about it, and I’ve now officially lived in Austin for 6 years.  Hard to believe, right?  Feel’s like it was just yesterday that Carla and I packed up my little corolla with D in the back seat and hoofed it down here.

It’s pretty cool for me to think about how much Austin has been a place that’s facilitated my growth into an adult.  Yeah, I’m not totally an adult yet, I don’t have a career, or a house, or a kid… but you know there’s so much about who I am that has changed since that fateful day 6 years ago.

I’ve been through a few “serious” relationships.  I’ve been through a few “non-serious” relationships.  I’ve had a few different jobs, lived a few different places, and made a few friends.  It’s not that I have it all figured out, I don’t really believe that anyone does, but I now at least feel like I have more of a path than I did before.

Maybe that’s what growing up is really all about. I don’t want to have the end point all figured out just yet, but I feel a little better knowing the general direction I’m heading.  Finishing this application to UT is just that step.  Who knows for sure if I’ll be here when I finish school, I don’t even know if I’ll get into UT.  I hope so, but it’s not an easy school to get into, and I’m much better in person than I am on paper.

Yep, just sayin’, keep yer fingers crossed for me (but only one hand because two hands is bad luck).


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