August 17, 2009

Los Campesinos!

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It is time for bed but I owe you this review…

M and I saw Los Campesinos! at Emo’s last Friday.  Both of us were in serious need of liquor and good times.   In addition to the show, we managed to make not one but 3 trips to Side Bar (the drinks are cheaper than Emo’s).

I have to say that the bus load of kids called Los Campesinos! are definitely worthy of having an exclaimation point at the end of their name.  My only negative point about the show was that they dumbed it just a little bit.  They removed a few of the more cerebral songs like my favorite, “Don’t tell me to do the Math(s)”.  They redeemed themselves by previewing a few songs from their upcoming album (you have to wait 5 months for it though).

When you get the chance, you should dance it out to “My Year in Lists”


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