November 9, 2009

Hipsterween (aka Fun^3 Fest 2009)

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(edited on 11/9/9 after a good night’s sleep)

It is way past my bedtime.

I came home, showered (to remove mud and to get the smell of smoke and bad weed out of my hair) , tossed in a load of laundry,  made dinner, and now I am eating a vegan chocolate cupcake and writing to you.

First, let me thank the people that run this fest and make it magical every time.  You let me pick up my wristband early so I didn’t have to stand in line.   For the low price of $79.97 (Early Bird in the house)  I saw 20 acts in two days.  Many of which I hadn’t seen before.   Although I didn’t partake in food and beverages, there were a ton of choices for me, the vegetarian who also avoids HFCS).  Thank you!

Second, let me complain to the fest organizers about having to make my own grid schedule.  The website was nice and flashy but there is something to be said for low-tech (umm, it runs faster).  I had some issues making the scheduler work.  I have up and made myself an excel spreadsheet.

Lastly, Is there a person I can complain to about the people who got to the show late and tried to push their way tot the front?  Or can someone do something about the people smoking bad pot?  Better yet, can umbrellas be banished?

Here is the photo montage from my weekend,  you can get the details after the jump

Day 1 (Hipsterween):

I had a slightly delayed start because I was trying to avoid the traffic from the UT game. I parked in Mexico and biked over to Waterloo park.  I made it to the park in time to check out The Royal Bangs and see if they were worth all the hype.  I wasn’t impressed.  I stuck around at the orange stage to hear Crystal Antlers.

I went to the blue stage next for Foot Patrol (I had never seen Foot Patrol, but I recall Meg liking them and I am a sucker for a funk band with a horn line.) and managed to catch the end of Sugar and Gold’s set.  The lead singer happened to be wearing some gold leggings and matching gold kitten heeled shoes.  I was shocked at how well he was navigating the stage in those things.
Sugar and Gold

Next up was Vega.  I missed them opening for Crystal Castles back in April.  I liked their set.  I also liked the lead singers dance moves.

After MC Chris (How did I not know about MC Chris? Oh, I don’ t have Cartoon Network.This was a show worth standing in amongst a bunch of teenagers bouncing up and down. Seriously, a guy who raps about nerds and Star Wars gets points.),  I decided it was time for a stroll around the park and a little break.  I sat on the grassy knoll, chilled out, and cleaned out my text message inbox.  I also got to witness a security breach.  Some chicks hopped the fence into the park behind the blue stage port-o-potties.  I saw the guard run after a few of them but then one managed to sneak in once the coast was clear.

I got up to check out the end of Neon Indian’s set.  The Vega set was better (Does anyone know why this is a side project?)  .  They were having sound issues as Neon Indian.  I decided to bail  and catch the end of Yeasayer (I needed to see if there was something that could only be experienced live.  This band doesn’t have a high play rate in my iPod.  Based on the live performance I have decided to give them another chance .)

I am glad I headed over to the orange stage early.  I wanted to get close to the front but not close enough that someone would stage dive on my head.  Why? Les Savy Fav is insane. M and I saw them at Emo’s a few years ago so I knew what to expect (well, sort of).  This is how it went down. The lead singer started off wearing a dress (his grandma’s dress from the brothel) and some sort of mask and ended up in panty hose with underpants over them at the end of the show.  There was the usual crowd surfing.  But then, just when you think he could go no further, he busts out a ladder.  A ladder that gets planted in the middle of the audience and then opened out horizontally (I have no clue who the random dude was that climbed up on the ladder with him but there was dry humping).
Les Savy Fav

The last show of the day was Pharcyde.  Nothing like old school hip hop to close out the night.  They are a band I haven’t listened to in a long time.  The only time I get exposed to their stuff is if someone mixes it in.

Day 1 Observations: Did I miss the memo about hipsterween?  Seriously, I saw costumes and some interesting fashion choices (like sequins).  [I am reaIly sad I didn’t take pictures, but at the same time I was hoping that these people were a figment of my imagination]. I would also like to know what is up with the giant plastic flowers that girls are wearing. My friend Ally commented on the onsies all over the park and why someone would want an all day wedgie.  I did see a lot of rompers and coveralls.  I just thought they were a poor choice for an event that has port-o-potties.

Day 2 (Rain, mud, but no dillo dirt):

I decided to leave the bike at home and hope to find parking nearish to the park (I managed to score parking at 7th and Trinity).  I arrived at the orange stage just in time for Atlas Sound.  Atlas Sound was shoegaze music worth waiting in the rain for. Bradford asked how the audience was apologized for the rain.  He also mentioned that he was good but needed to take a shit (ok, tmi boys and girls).

Atlas Sound

The rain proceeded to get worse.  I walked over to the blue stage and decided to skip Car Stereo Wars.  That crowd was way to active for me.  I was trying to maintain a level of 70% dry.  I went back to the orange stage for Why? and Broadcast.  Rain and sleepytime music.

At this point i was cold.  I went back to blue for Dj Nu-Mark so I could dance it out and warm up.  I’ve never seen Nu-Mark spin,  He was a little hard to see because of the asshole with the Houston Chronical umbrella. As far as J-5 side projects go, I have followed Cut Chemist more than all of them.   Chali 2na is all over the new NASA album that I play almost every day.  [I think  I saw first-boy-to-ask-me-out. Rain soaked and wearing a poncho I was not going to run up and say hi. I suppose I could check the internet to confirm his whereabouts.]

I went back to the orange stage for Lucero and Mission of Burma.  I noticed I was surrounded by children.  Seriously, they may have been young enough to be my own. Scary. I wanted to shake my fist at them and tell them to stop smoking pot.  Drugs are bad.  Instead I watched them try to smoke, fail badly, and cough a lot. I wasn’t really into Mission of Burma.  I went because these guys have been around FOREVER.  I wanted to see if they could still rock out.

At this point I made the executive decision to move back to the blue stage so I could find a good spot.  They were running late so I was able to catch Buraka Som Sistema before GZA hit the stage.  Buraka’s drum beats got the crowd moving.  It also helps to have a chick in high waisted glitter hot pants and a bikini top on stage shaking her ass.   I was happy to be warm again and not standing in a giant mud puddle.

GZA was pretty fucked up .  He had it out for the sound guy.  At one point in time GZA asked if the music could be louder. Could the sound guy do better than “clock radio speaker”.  It was sounding a little mono.  I wondered if they could roll one of those Toyotas over so we could use that sound system.

Liquid Swords was a little sad.  It was more of a sing-a-long.   I expected more.  This was almost as disappointing as Wu-tang lite at Stubb’s in 2006. I would also like to know where the rest of the special guests were.  Only King Khan showed up.  One of the original line ups stated that Flosstradamus would be there.

I finished out the night with Kid Sister.  I hadn’t actually heard any of her songs in their entirety before.  I have only heard remixes by Flossy (her brother is J2K).  Kid Sister should have her own workout tape.  How were she and her back up dancers not sweating?  The show was great until Kid Sister invited the ladies to go shake it on stage.  I was right up front and got trampled by the sea of ladies who thought they should be seen.  I’d like to know who  let their child get on stage with the crazy women?
Kid Sister + someone's kid
Day 2 Observations: Water is wet.  Mud is rather unpleasant.  PIP passes don’t seem to give you the perk of dryness.  Wear a poncho or raincoat.  Don’t be the asshole with the umbrella obscuring someone’s view.


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