November 1, 2010

Why can’t we just look the other way?

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We’ve mentioned previously that we loves us some trainwrecks.  Well we went to Stubb’s on Thursday and not even the amazing performance from Interpol could prevent us from catching a few.  All it takes is one thing (a sequined dress, no-pants pants, a dude rocking out on the balcony, Sasquatch parking himself in front of a short girl), then M will look at me, make the face, and I know exactly what is going on.

The show was sold out (told ya so), we got to the show just after the opening act.  There was enough time for the crew to grab beer and make a bee line for our favorite spot (I shouldn’t have to tell you were that is, you should be able to tell from the shots that M takes.).  We weren’t sure what to expect. Then the lights went up and the band came on, and all of a sudden it got really quiet.  Then it hit me, the sound guy knew what he was doing.  I didn’t need earplugs and the sound was amazing (except when the dudes behind me decided that this was karaoke).

You’d think with the greatness of these angsty sounding metro dudes M and I would behave (Mmmm, dudes in dandy clothes…). Nope.  M spotted a dude rocking out in the VIP area.  His head was bobbing double time.    Then there were a few people that decided to push through the crowd for better spots.  Then the bathroom break crowd. Then the Stubb’s security guy dancing with some chicks in VIP.  This could have gone on for a long time had M not moved up closer to shoot the show.

After the show I waited  with the Jew for M and 2.0.  A girl walks past us in some sort of short sequined tank top thing and something resembling a skirt.  I don’t know if it qualified as a skirt since it was barely there.  Maybe it was a black lace ruffle on the bottom of said tank top thingy.  I gave the Jew the look.  Sadly, I didn’t get the same response M would have given.  Oh well…

Are we evil?


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