March 18, 2011

SXSW 2011- Day Seven (Does anyone have a wrench)

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My tolerance for “special” people is tanking.  I don’t know if it is related to the string of violent films I have seen or what,.  My field notes from TV on the Radio at Stubb’s say the following: To the girl with the “serenity” tattoo on the back of her neck,  I have all I can do not go go Rainn Wilson on your ass with my bike wrench. [For those of you who don’t know, that is a reference to Super.  Watch the trailer.  I am glad a wrote that down.   In reality, I would turn her in to security.  I would tell them that she was a danger to herself and that she was probably on drugs.  Why the passive aggressive approach?  Umm, APD doesn’t like brown people.] I think that my surrounding concert mates would have liked to have a go at all the drunkards who felt the need to mosh around to a band that deserves more respect.

Let’s rewind to the start of my day. I headed downtown in my lucky sundress around 11am to stand in line for the MTV party.  As usual things started late.  It gave me time to process a few thoughts on blog posts to expand, and to plan my afternoon. I was also trying to figure out why MTV didn’t use the lower half of the garage like AOL did last year.   Part of me was debating if it was even worth it to camp out in line.  Sure, I made some new line buddies and recruited some volunteers for next year, but I had only planned to drink beer and check out the first few bands (I planned to see Matt and Kim at Fader the next day).

After three beers and two bands I was done.  I was bored (but my outfit got a lot of compliments).  Theophilus London wasn’t that great (maybe he isn’t a daytime person?) and Foster the People doesn’t seem to have that “Passion Pit” factor that will save them from being a one-hit-wonder. At least I know now, and I can save the prime time slots for something else (like maybe leaving the cluster called downtown early).

I hit the tradeshow next.  I left off around row 800 last time I was there.  I found a job prospect and a few more interesting the products.  On the way out I chatted with the girl at the Go Local booth (why can’t I remember her name).  She liked my sundress.  I helped her out by plugging her booth on Gowalla (Still miffed. Why am I still using them?).

I decided to stay inside for a bit.  The dust and the smell of beer and urine was definitely not helping my mood.  I decided to check out the Other F Word. Wise choice on my part.  They don’t have distribution so the best way for you to see it is to request it on Netflix (or if you live in Austin, beg the Drafthouse to screen it).

I was all set to do a double feature of movies involving the f-word ,but friends steered me in another direction.  I ended up going to Our Day will Come. [I also paid for food and beer,  a first this SXSW] That film was messed up.  Well done, but WTF?! Gingers gone wild. Lots of violence.  A friend referenced Fight Club as we were watching. [I will write more about this film and the others later.  Violence and revenge has been a common thread in about half the movies I have screened. Stay tuned.]

After the film I braved the stench and headed to Stubb’s to check out Portugal. the Man and stick around for TV on the Radio.  [I promise longer reviews of these shows later,  for now I will stick to ranting.]   I was surprised that there wasn’t a line.  Security checked my bag.  I filed my usual disclaimer about having bike tools and water, and they let me in.   I moved towards the front between sets and stationed myself near some “dude bros” with a pretty expensive SLR.  Based on past profiling, I thought they would be ok crowd-mates. They smelled like they showered and if they smoked they would probably have the good weed. I was wrong.  They were the type that felt the need to be jerks during a rather peaceful set by Portugal. the man.  I was hoping my dinner wouldn’t agree with me and I would projectile vomit all over them.

I moved over about 8 people between sets.  This time I chose more carefully,  I found dudes with press wristbands, good earplugs, and expensive cameras (they write for a zine in St. Louis).  Much better. Not only that, I was able to enjoy Charles Bradley and the Menahan Street Band and have intelligent conversation.

Sadly, it was joy kill time once again.  Two black dudes push their way to the front so they can see TVOTR.  We were able to block them but they were total dicks about it. I also heard one of them say they had a gun (Security please).  Some kid recognized them as members of Odd Future. My first question was, why are they not in VIP, my second question is why would they be be dumb enough to kid about having a weapon?

TVOTR lived up to my expectations, but unfortunately the crowd did not.  Since when does TVOTR invoke moshing?  I wasn’t happy, the people in the crowd around me weren’t happy. At one point in time, I thought the security guard was about to head over, sadly no. [Crimson Bolt?  Hesher?  Crazy redhead with crossbow? I need you.]

I bailed before the encore. I was annoyed and wanted to escape downtown before the bars closed.   I biked home like the wicked witch of the west until I hit the hill on Bouldin (I was tired so I walked it). I tweeted about the drunk girl before going to bed.  I woke up to retweet that mentioned her name, and apparently the source of the tweet thinks she is awesome.  I beg to differ.

Notes to self:  You never know who is reading your tweets,  good job for going with your second choice.

Free stuff: 3 beers and mac’n’cheese at the MTV party

Money Spent $10 Go local card, $15 dinner at the Drafthouse, $3 on tips for beer


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  1. Jodi Says:

    I so enjoy your posts, Jen. Adam and I have a full day of movie viewing planned during the day tomorrow in case you want to skip day parties and join us. Also, I bought a GoLocal card at the trade show and I have already made back about $5 thanks to using it for food at the Drafthouse. So glad I made that purchase.

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