April 7, 2011

Batting Zero

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It’s that time of year when M prepares to route for her Cubbies and I re-evaluate my intentions for the year.

I recently updated WordPress so I spent some time reading my posts while I backed everything up.  I realized there were a few things that didn’t end up on my to-do list.

For starters, on my birthday, I decided that I was going to focus on my art and do something dangerous.  Like take up welding or heroin.  Maybe do some experimental art… take up a strange instrument like the auto harp. Why?  I was going to make up for the fact that my friends were all getting married and having babies.

I also have to add “sell the house” to the list.  My friend is moving out and that means that I need to move back or try and get rid of it.

There is also the matter of my Clark Kent theory.  It has been eight months since I have been on a date (and M is still with 2.0).  I am seriously batting zero in the world of online dating (but the internet informed me ages ago that online dating was a lost cause in my case).

More later.



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