April 13, 2011

WAR!: Women Art Revolution

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Yet another reason I should become an AFS member.  So, I can screen more movies like this documentary.   Not only did it showcase a major portion of women’s art that is missing from the art history curriculum of most universities, but it gave a lot of insight on the feminist movement.  Art was a major part of how activists were expressing themselves.

I’ve been in a funk lately.  Around my birthday I declared that I was going to focus on my art and do something radical.

The director of the film, Lynn Hershman Lesson said the following during an interview with Women in Hollywood:

I was trying to tell the story. When people started talking to me in the late 60s the feminist art movement wasn’t even named. We were just trying to find a voice. My hope is that this tells a story nobody knows and I hope it inspires people to have courage to be fearless in their convictions to put into the world the things they need to say.

Hopefully this message and the inspirational works in the film (and the extra footage posted here) will get me out of my funk. I realize that I should be patient.  It took Lynn Hershman 40 years to make this film.  In the meantime she was an artist, a struggling artist.  She didn’t give up.  Neither did the rest of the women in the film.


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