October 27, 2011

Good Fortune

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I recently received an email request to post about Sweet Leaf Tea.  Specifically about  the winner of their Grannyism Cap-Off Contest being local Austin resident Angela Buraglia.

I know you remember the last time someone asked me to check out/promote their product.  Lucky for Sweet Leaf, I have been a fan of their teas and lemonade for a long time (not too sweet and HFCS-free0.  The web-sites were pretty cool (and I needed something to distract me from Ms. Crankypants’ morning rage).  The contest was to come up with new sayings to go under the cap.  I had forgotten that they had those.  I’ve been purchasing Sweet Leaf in the plastic bottle for ease of beverage toting (BTW. Did you know that they have an area on their site  devoted to the use of Sweet Leaf as a mixer?) .

Back to Angela.  She has a whole site devoted to the Granny-isms.  I like the fact that she dug the product before the fortune.  I have the same relationship with Magic Hat beerThe fortune is an added bonus.  My internet search showed the opposite is true for some Dove chocolate fans.  They dig the fortunes more than the chocolate (Great marketing trick.).  One blogger wished for higher end chocolate with fortunes.

Another Austin blogger  has taken the fortune thing one step further by blogging not just the fortune but about the fortunes.  . Allison Wright of Not-a-Fortune shares and muses on fortunes of all types.


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