December 6, 2011

Think on these things – Anger

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I’ve been meaning to read “Think on these things” by Krishnamurti for several years now. It’s been so long that I can’t remember the book I read that referred me to this book.

One of my ongoing life goals is to be less angry. I’ve been marinating over this passage from the book on anger for the last few days. Yes, it is ok to be angry but the key is to understand why you ended up that way.

Questioner: What is anger and why does one get angry?

Krishnamurti: If I tread on your toes, or pinch you, or take something away from you, won’t you be angry? Why should you not be angry? Why do you think anger is wrong? Because somebody has told you? So, it is very important to find out why one is angry, to see the truth of anger, and not merely say it is wrong to be angry.

Now why do you get angry? Because you don’t want to be hurt- which is the normal human demand for survival. You feel that you should not be used, crushed, destroyed or exploited by an individual, a government or society. when somebody slaps you, you feel hurt, humiliated, and you don’t like that feeling. If the person who hurts you is big and powerful so that you can’t hit back, you in turn hurt somebody else, you take it out on your brother, your sister, or your servant if you have one. So the play of anger is kept going.

First of all, it is a natural response to avoid being hurt. Why should anybody exploit you? So, in order not to be hurt, you protect yourself, you begin to develop a defense, a barrier. Inwardly you build a wall around yourself by not being open, receptive, therefore you are incapable of exploration, of expansive feeling. You say anger is very bad and you condemn it, as you condemn various other feelings; so gradually you become arid, empty, you have no strong feelings at all.

Sadly, I haven’t found any advice on how not to build a defense barrier like Fort Knox. There must be some balance between being empty and locking yourself away.


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