May 17, 2012

Status Update

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Tis the season where there are a rash of people changing their status on facebook.  Granted, there are just as many people flipping to single as there are people getting married.  I’ve been on facebook since 2007 and I have NEVER changed my status.

I am chronically single.

At times, this is fine.  I revel in being unsupervised.  I get to be a honey badger.  I do what I want. But then there are times, like now, when I telework from my nest in the bell jar.

Why?  Since late March I have acquired 7 bridal clients. 1 April, 2 May, 3 June, and 1 October (and October gets bonus points for planning ahead).  I have a fairly broad spectrum of clients (although it isn’t quite the United Colors of Benetton).   Some good, some bad, some crazy.  Regardless, I get to work on the focal point of their special day.  A day I have never envisioned as part of my future (The reasons for which could be a very long post.  Let’s just say I am way to practical for my own good.  I haven’t managed to be in a relationship longer than 2 years and that was only once.  So there is no point in daydreaming about such things.).

Most seamstresses avoid bridal work like the plague. Brides are crazy (the other market to avoid is prom dresses).  I took it on because I decided it was wise to get the extra cash while I could (Most small business owners in Austin experience low sales when school is out and things don’t pick up until ACL weekend).  While I have extra cash in my pocket, it may just drive me mad.  I joke about this all being material for some sort of psycho-thriller where a spinster seamstress finally snaps and hunts down her former clients.  Jada Pinkett-Smith would play me.

Maybe my next move as honey badger should be to pack up all my stuff and hit the road.  My lease is up in October.  Stay tuned.


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