May 31, 2012


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For the life of me I cannot fathom why someone had the audacity to inquire about my financial health when theirs is on serious life support.

Seriously.  This happened.

Them: Are you making what you made at your old job?

Me: Fuck no.I was making $50k when I left.

Them: are you making, like $35?

Me:  umm, no. Much less than that.

Them: Enough to make rent.

Me: Yes

Them: We need to make you more money.

Me: Why?  I have no debts.  My car is paid for.  What do I need more cash for?

I think the conversation stopped there.  If it didn’t I blocked it out.  The inner dialogue in my head took over.  This person must live in an alternate reality of unicorns and rainbows or something.  I am a nanny and a small business owner. These are not the jobs that yield swimming pools full of cash.   I used to be gainfully employed in a job that I didn’t like very much (nor did I have a Scrooge McDuck style swimming pool of money).

What I should have done is brought up their salary, the mountain of debt they have, and the fact that they are a long way from digging themselves out.  But that’s not my style.  I went for the parable style lesson.  Since they thought I was “poor” they were offered water instead of tea and brownies.






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