June 15, 2012

Sometimes you need a little FUN

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So, life has been a little on the heavy side lately.  But, when you are in charge of a tiny cave man  half the week you are bound to shake off that rain cloud.

Ms. Crankypants is no longer that cranky.  Still teething (one day she will wake up with a mouthful of teeth).  But added mobility and coordination has lead to her tiny caveman phase.  She’s loud and grunts a lot (think Monica Seles’ early days of tennis).  She enjoys smashing things.  Everything is hers, and she will maul anyone in her way.

She has put things in perspective.  If you want something…  Go get it.  If it isn’t yours… Go for it anyway (hopefully there is a Yo Gabba Gabba  episode about stealing things or asking before you take someone else’s stuff).  Persistence  got her from being a complete turtle to standing up in a few weeks.

So that is my plan.  Get things done, do what I want.  As I mentioned in a previous post.  It’s not about the money. My goal is to do well enough as a small business owner to take time off when I feel like it.  This month MN, July is up in the air, August I head back to Dallas, maybe NYC in September, October Dallas again.

Today I bought my tickets to Fun^3 Fest.  There’s no line up, but they have never disappointed.  I was on the fence about PIP but at the end of the day, I don’t think that I will be drinking $185 worth of beer.  Yes, you do get special seating.  I prefer to be up the front of the stage vs. on the side.   If someone were to gift me PIP tickets I wouldn’t say no.  I’d even be willing to write up my experience in an article in exchange for said tickets.







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