July 12, 2012

…and that’s the way it is

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This is why you buy your tickets early.  RUN DMC!    That’s right, Fun^3 Fest has done it again.  They have assembled another amazing lineup for their seventh year (and they announced the line-up via bingo).  I plan on camping out at the Blue Stage and hope  to avoid being crushed by the people moshing.  Hopefully some nice person will build a Spotify playlist so I can plan my schedule. (edit 4:12PM: Apparently Santa of Christmas in July heard my wish.  The Spotify Playlist is up.  I know that I shouldn’t be greedy, but if someone out there is listening, can they please send me the Google Nexus 7?)

Owly Images

Buy your 3-day passes NOW! This thing will sell out.  Do not wait for the schedule and one-day passes.


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