July 19, 2012

upwardly mobile hipster socialite

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No, that is not the title of an Alanis Morisette album. My friend Claire coined that term last year when I told her about my “I like you just as a friend” situation.   I inquired what could a guy my age be looking for.  She said it rather matter of factly.  Well, that is not me.  I have no desire for fame.  I won’t be creating a fashion line or turning this blog into a book.

I write because it’s cheaper than therapy (and sometimes it gets me free stuff).  I chose the path of an apparel surgeon rather than fashion designer because I am all for sustainable fashion and I would prefer to see less waste created by fleeting fashion trends.  I want to give the people what they want, not tell them what they want.

My goal for the rest of the year is to hang out on the plateau of emotional and financial stability.  If we make it past December 2012 (only the Mayans have the answer to that), my plan is to reward myself with some much needed travel/adventure at the end of bridal season.



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