September 12, 2012

Into the woods

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"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler." Henry David Thoreau

Lot’s of things going on but I took time out to unplug and recharge in the woods of Massachusetts. Rather than roam Boston, I spent time in Southborough (a friend of mine teaches at a Hogwart’s style boarding school there).  Don’t get me wrong, the city is great, but the woods are home.  I spent 17 years of my life in the Hudson Valley, most of outdoors, the rest of it inside, immersed in a book.

I arrived on Wednesday and headed to the Science Museum.  Apparently my friend grew up inside that museum. This is definitely a more kid oriented space.  Luckily school was in session. Then we ate an early dinner at Life Alive.

Thursday I toured Southborough and Framingham by foot.  I went on an EPIC walk.  Round-trip, about 17 miles.  I stopped at the Whole Foods after figuring out how far I strayed from Hogwarts, then headed back.  I was wearing good shoes, but my legs/knees were NOT happy with me when I got back to the house.  I came home, showered and got ready to head out dancing.  Not so much for the dancing, more for the socializing with peeps in Boston.

Friday, I slept in, and headed out to the Museum of Fine Art via commuter rail.    The museum wasn’t that big so I was able to see the whole thing in about 2 hrs.  I spent extra time in the Ori Gersht Exhibit.  The installation is genius.  My knees didn’t like me very much but I was bound and determined to see this.  I had dinner plans at Eastern Standard.  I had hoped to roam the Fenway before heading over, but the sky opened up and it started pouring.  Lucky for me, there was an event at the museum and there were cabs dropping people off.  I hopped a cab to the restaurant and was greeted by the masses of Sox fans waiting out the storm  Dinner was a blast.  Not so much the food (the menu is pretty meaty), but the company.  It had been a year or so since the group had assembled last.

Saturday, I slept in while my friend was teaching (yes, they have Saturday classes).  Then we headed out to Waltham to hang out with friends before they headed back out of town.  I ended up making curry when we got home (from the ingredients I procured on my epic hike).  Project Runway then bed.

Sunday was super low key.  We stayed in town and hit the thrift store and collected a few more things for my friend’s new space.  After dinner I roamed the school grounds and had flashbacks of summer camp.   I came home and spent the evening chilling out and watching DNC highlights.

Monday I headed to Concord after breakfast since I had the car.  I was looking for an art museum that wasn’t in Boston and stumbled upon the Concord Museum. Apparently the new Annie Leibovitz exhibit was there.  It was a departure from her other work, but I enjoyed taking a trek through some of her favorite places.  After I left the museum I roamed around Sleepy Hollow and Walden Pond. I snapped a few photos which I hope to edit and frame sometime in the near future.  I came home and started reading “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”.  Then we skipped dinner in the dining hall and foraged in the pantry.

Tuesday was my last day.  I spent the morning reading and packing.  I decided to save my knee for dashing through the airport. When you connect in Houston, there is always a dash through the airport.

Overall, the trip was a success.  I got to chill out, roam the woods, devour books and art.  I helped my friend move into her new space and get settled.  I spent just under $200 while I was there.



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