November 5, 2012

Just Me, Myself, and I (Fun^3 Fest 2012 Recap)

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This year I decided to skip the media pass, the PIP, the coordination with other people on what shows to see. At first it was a little lonely, but in the end I think I made the right choice.  I saw 27 bands, spent no money, and thanks to my trusty surgical mask, I was able to be outside during peak allergy season in Austin.

Day 1: Me and my surgical mask biked down to the park just in time to catch Icona Pop. I chose alternate bike parking to avoid having to dig my bike out of the fest parking at the end of the night (I also prefer to park in places that have better lighting). The rest of the day went like this: Cursive, Sharon Van Etten, beer with @theneener, Penguin Prison, Astronautalis (how did I not know about this band?), El Ten Eleven, Minus the Bear, Superchunk (because you have to see the “old” band at the fest), Santigold (I’ve seen this show before and I was merely camping out to keep my extremely amazing spot), and Run DMC (BTW Jam Master Jay’s kids are pretty amazing.

Day 2: I started off the day with Braid (I wasn’t feeling Anamanaguchi). Then it was DMC (who dedicated a song to Betty White and went on to perform with some dude that looked like the black and white, bearded version of the Heat Miser from “A year without Santa Clause”), Kreayshawn, Tanlines (I felt bad for them, they were on the side of the blue stage that always has sound issues), Schoolboy Q (I was sticking around for  Charli XCX only to find out that Franki Chan would be spinning instead.  After a few minutes and a wardrobe malfunction gone bad, I set off to find @theneener and claim a #freebeer), Real Estate, Danny Brown (meh).  I closed out the night at the black stage (where I was greeted by the Soundwave Yeti from Scott Pilgrim).  The Sword and Refused were amazing.  I rarely make the trek out to the black stage, but these guys were worth it.

Day 3: After my bag was thoroughly searched at security I headed off to the blue stage for Nite Jewel.  I only stayed for part of Class Actress‘ set,  I ventured off to the black stage for Japandroids (those Canadians rocked it out as the hot Texas sun attempted to obliterate them).    I finished off the night at blue stage:  Octopus Project (I finally got to see a full set.  They are from Austin, yet I always catch them just as their set is ending), Omar Rodriguez Lopez  aka Bosnian Rainbows (this is Rakim’s 2nd year of cancelling on the fest), Araabmuzic (this is the part where I was jumping up and down with the rest of the club kids and wondering if I was the only one who noticed Black Moses on stage shooting.  I was also wondering how fast Araabmuzic could type and what his Mavis Bacon score would be). De La Soul made my night (why weren’t they headlining?). From the moment they stepped out on stage until the moment they left, they had grabbed on to the puppet strings of the audience and made us feel alive.  They used the whole stage, demanded that the people in the photog pit have a good time, and proceeded to insult the sound engineer (little did they know that they were on the side of the stage that actually produced sound).  Some called them diva’s by the end of the night.  I say, when you have been doing this longer than most of the crowd has been a live, you get to channel the honey badger and go all out.  I decided that my fest should end here.  I set out to find @theneener and loan her my hoodie while she finished out the fest with Edward Sharpe.  In return she hooked me up with another beer.

Things I missed from last year: The fest streaming online.

Things purchased: nada! @theneener gifted me 3 beers in gratitude for ACL fest parking.

Here’s the slideshow of my time at the fest. One of these days I will get a camera that can shoot at night.


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