January 16, 2013

A day late, a dollar short

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For those of you who noticed, No, you didn’t miss my 2012 end of year recap. I blame the Mayans, and maybe self-employment, or maybe I was just trying to be a little more like Jodie Foster in what I share.

This was my first full year of self-employment. It afforded me the luxury of living out life as a paid stay-at-home-mom (to a kid that technically is not mine). For all you who doubted me, I kick ass at being a mom. I may write a book about it.

And now for the other hats. In no particular order.

The Seamstress thing: was going well until I got furlowed from the in-store gig. I think that is the best term for it. Didn’t really talk about it much. I was too busy staring a new business in 2 days. As of February, I will have been at a store front for a whole year. A whole year of constantly reminding people that I am only open 2 days a week, and that appointments must be booked in advanced (advanced > 2 days). A whole lot of vintage clothes, hem jobs, and minor fixes. An epic restoration. Some easy brides, some hard ones. Some tech work for indie designers. Some teaching. If it were up to me, I would only work on the cool projects. Museum-worthy restorations and maybe couture bridal for other talented artists.

The SXSW thing: I did my time as as volunteer and then I spend the majority of my free time in the movie theaters. Yes, as I get older, have less tolerance for crowds.

The Bookkeeper thing: This is more of a recent thing. I was doing books for my own business and a non-profit and other people started asking if they could pay me to do theirs. What more could an OCD introvert want? A mostly work-from-home gig with minimal interaction with people. BOOM!

I spent a lot of time hustling in 2012, but I made it. Unlike many other self-employed, female creatives in town, I have no second income to rely on for food and lodging. It’s all on me to keep the lights on in my place. So yes, there were times where I didn’t go out to a show, or to some group dinner. But, at the same time, I managed to stay out of debt, contribute to my Roth, pay for health insurance, and keep the lights on at my place.

As far as my to-do list is concerned, still working on it. I think I will day dream about it and make something happen after tax season.


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