May 6, 2013

Booze and Tattoos, Cause salad won’t get you laid!

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Last weekend (April 26-28) I had the opportunity to shoot pictures at Austin Psych Fest for my friend Greg who writes for the Examiner.  He posted an awesome write up of the music here.  I also got to shoot “bonus” material in the Sailor Jerry air stream trailer, that full slide show is on Examiner here.

I really enjoyed hanging out in the air stream seeing the tattoos getting done, and drinking some yummy Sailor Jerry drinks in between sets.   (Shout outs to Dana Dynamite, and Leslie Merinoff for their great hospitality!)

After that weekend, I decided I needed to drink some Sailor Jerry at home.  I’ve been making a drink called Dark and Stormy.  It’s super easy and very refreshing.  Here’s how we mix it at home:

You can find more drink recipes on the Sailor Jerry page.   I’m also partial to the backyard tea recipe.

Tons of bands came through to get tattoos from the legendary Keith Underwood and his pal Philip LaRocca.  Keith apprenticed with Mike “Rollo Banks” Malone, who was trained by the man himself – Sailor Jerry.  So you can imagine the great classic tattoos that were done at Psych Fest.  Philip helps run The Austin Tattoo Company, where they’re conveniently doing  Traditional Tuesdays.  These guys were super nice, I even got a little tattoo on Sunday night.

I got to see a couple of the girls from Warpaint, King Kahn and BBQ show, and The St. James Society all get tattoos.  Below are my faves from the weekend.



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