June 2, 2013

…and we’re back

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I have once again taken life into my own hands, shaken it like a snow globe, and I am waiting for the bits to settle.  Since I last checked in:

  1. I resigned from my nanny job and sent my tiny baby to school.
  2. I took a job as a personal assistant/bookkeeper.
  3. I sold my small business (Clothing Hospital)
  4. I decided I was going to write a book on a topic I don’t know much about, but it involves spending time with my awesome mom and working with some other creative badasses.
  5. I resigned from my personal assistant job (I determined that working for a dude is not my thing.  And I mean dude in the most literal sense, not like the way that M and I refer to most people).

So yes, there is very little time for Men in Suits, or anything for that matter, as I work on Me 3.0

If you are curious about what this version of me is up to.  I would check out my other blog at Spinsta.net

So now, let’s talk about Men in Suits.  Recent discovery  Ryan Lewis.  His partner in crime Mackelmore distracted me from his hotness.   I dream of men in suits who happen to be DJ/producer types.





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  1. Bilbe Says:

    Shake it, lady!

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