September 25, 2010

Big love to the Pixies

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Pixies- Austin Music Hall 9/22/10 photo by Emily Lim

M and I saw the Pixies this Wednesday.  Once again the universe proves that social media and online credit card payments make things happen.

Sometime in May, I got an email from the Pixies mailing list saying that pre-presale tickets would be available in limited amounts for mailing list subscribers.  I checked in with M and decided to go for it.  I had never seen them live, and the last time that M saw them was at ACL several years ago.  Would it be worth $50 to see them play Doolittle in its entirety?  Hell YES!  You know M and I love the Pixies and would pay to see them inches from the house (unless it involved selling a kidney).

Three days later I can still say the show was amazing (I’ve watched loudQuietloud more times than I would like to admit and I had high levels of expectations.).  Granted, there are a few things I am a little miffed about.  But, having a decent spot just left of the stage, the Pixies’ stage presence and talent outweighed the negatives.

Now for the show… They started with B-sides from Doolittle, then they played the full album.  [Little Readers, I have a confession.  There are several songs that I skip over when I play Doolittle, but hearing them live made me feel a little guilty for doing that.]  They finished out the show with the best of Surfer Rosa.   They gave it 100+% . The crowd was mesmerized and after all these years, we still know all the words to the songs.

For those of you who missed the show (or for those of you who want to relive the end of the show, I have a little clip I found on YouTube.

Now for the complaints:

1) Dear Music Hall, why can’t we bring in descent camera’s to photograph once-ish in a lifetime experiences?  M had to leave the BAC at home and shoot on my tiny camera.  Click here to see them on Flickr.

2) Dear Hipsters, why can’t you bath once and awhile.

3) Dear dudes in front of us.  M is only 3 apples high, yet you feel the need to stand in front of her, and prevent her from seeing the show.

4) Dear Chicks with giant shoulder bags, please pack a smaller bag when you are going to shows.  You are not Mary Poppins, you will not need all of that crap.

5) Dear People responsible for the redesign of the Music Hall, the sound still sucks and the overhangs prevent air circulation.


November 1, 2006

Patience, Pantry Challenges, and The Pixies

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This is from Monday the 29th on my myspace blog:

Ok I guess today is a P day. I don’t really know what that means though. Those are just a few things that kinda popped into my head this afternoon while I was making mayonaise products at work.

Why is patience a virtue? What is so good about it anyhow? Ever heard the saying “the early bird gets the worm”? And really, I have none. I am probably one of the most impatient you will ever meet. As you know I broke up with someone recently, and I’m starting to think it was because I wasn’t patient enough with him. I’m definetly not going to put this all on me, I know it take two people to make a relationship fail, but maybe I should be taking more of the blame/responsibilty for the demise of this particular relationship. Maybe if I forced myself to wait a little longer before getting angry he would have come through and we could have communicated better.

You know though, looking back on it, I’m not sure being with him was the right decision to begin with. Not that he’s a bad person or anything, but we were just so completly un-matched. (Is that a word?) And I do admit that having some differences is good, but when there are no hobbies/passions that two people share I think it gets hard to agree on activities. I really do want to be with someone who isn’t exactly like me, but sharing one or two things would really also be nice.

My relationship ended and I’ve been a little emotionally charged, so to speak, for a few months now. But I guess when I got a little drunk and sort of had it out with him, it provided me some much needed closure.

Ok whatever, that’s mostly irrevelent now anyways. On to pantry challenges. Last night I downloaded the show “Top Chef”. I find it particularly funny because that’s kinda what I do too. So my mom got into watching this show when I first got out of culinary school because she wanted to understand what I do better. Ha. Well anyhow it’s become one of the obligatory points of discussion when we speak on the telephone. So I found out that I can download the show to my ipod, yes! I don’t have cable and really don’t wanna splurge on something I would only watch one night a week anyhow.

So last night I stayed in and had a marathon (of sorts) of the first two episodes of the second season. And one of the quickfire challenges was a pantry challenge of sorts. I love pantry challenges, that’s pretty much how I eat when I’m home. It’s especially fun when I’m at work, cause you know they have two huge walk-ins full of stuff for me to play with. Pantry challenge is self explanatory, use what’s on hand, sometimes with the twist of having to use spesfic ingredients(i.e. before they go bad).

The particular one last night included of all things: escargot (mmm yum), american cheese(ick), peanuts, a potato, and I think two other things I forgot. It was pretty fun. And it definetly made me start thinking about having my own pantry challenge. Mostly as a way to utalize ingredients in different and more creative ways. It’s really nice when I read something or see something that really makes me think about food the way I did before it was just a job.

Don’t get me wrong, cooking for a living is definetly interesting and fun, but to some extent the work is so hard that the pay isn’t really ever going to be worth it. Well not until you get to the top or are people like Tyson Cole.

I think there’s been a lot of glamorization of cooking in the past few years. With all the tv shows, and this new culture of american foodies, everyone wants to cook in a restaurant. It’s mostly not that fun. I mean sure there are days when it’s exciting, but for the most part you make the same stuff over and over again. That’s what I’m having a problem with. And I know, I know everyone says you have to pay your dues before you can do anything awesome in food. But paying dues is also a way to weed out a lot of people who don’t have the motivation to truly succeed. Maybe this is just a way that I’m getting weeded out. Not that I really want to stop cooking ever, but there is something about being able to see your family on holidays, go out for a drink with friends occasionally, or even take care of my own dog that makes me want to find a better compromise. To do the things with food that I would ultimately like to do I would have to sacrafice most, if not all of the things I think are important to me right now, and I’m just not willing to do that.

It doesn’t mean I can’t still work on being creative with food, having my own pantry challenges if you will. And that’s what I think I’m going to start doing more of. I really do enjoy that, maybe I’ll have pantry challenge night at my house once a week and work on something until I can get it right. I can cook at my own house and blast my own music, cause really the music that everyone listens to at work really drives me nuts, I mean c’mon, do we have to hear the same ACDC cd like four times in a row. And the worst part is that when I go to change the music, or even just put on NPR, everyone groans.

Serisouly, if i had my way we would work ourselfs through the entire pixies catalog. They are the best band of the past 30 years, I may even go so far as to say they are also the most influential band of the past 30 years. I’m working on a CD for a friend of mine, and I’m having such a hard time figuring out which songs should go on it, there are so many great pixies tunes that deserve to be on it. You know, I’m not totally sure he has any of their music, so maybe I’ll just put all the best known songs, you know the ones you’re reconize from movies and stuff. I think most of that stuff is a little easier to digest than some of their more esoteric stuff.

Wow, it’s 5. I need to eat before I go to karate class.



January 1, 2011

2010 – The Recap

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“You can’t carry it with you if you want to survive. ” Florence and the Machine

This year, was definitely a year. Yenta said it would be my best year,  definitely a transitional one.  Moments were good, moments were bad, and some moments were down right craptastical.  Other than my family and friends, my only other survival tactic was too keep moving and not look back.  I probably lost some stuff along the way.  There were probably a few people that I didn’t keep in touch with.  I was probably less thoughtful than usual.

Last night I sat in bed thinking about what I was going to write as a recap of my year.  I had to mentally recap the stuff that I have chosen not to discuss on the interwebs.  That’s when the tears started.  I am not sure I am ready to write about the dog days of summer (some good, some really bad, all of it extremely emotional).

For those of you who have been reading along, you know I had a plan:

1) Sell my house before the end of summer. 2) Live irresponsibly in someone else’s property (aka apartment) somewhere in the numbered streets. 3) Leave the country.

Well, that didn’t quite happen as I planned. This is what happened as I flew by the seat of my pants.  1)There are people living in my house but I didn’t sell it.  2)I moved (twice).  I live near some numbered streets in the ’04. 3) My friends’ took me to Mexico for their wedding.

Ok, that’s as far as I am going to go now.  Here’s my year in lists.

This year in live music: SXSW 2010 ( City Riots, Best Coast, the DJs from the Hood Internet, Le LoupTypefighterSondre LercheVivian Girls, Death Set,  :papercutzOh Snap!, Rogue Wave, Miike Snow, Fucked Up, Sharon Jones and the Dap KingsHole Frightened Rabbit, Minor Mishap Marching Band , Mayer Hawthorn & the Country, Passion Pit (DJ set) , The Pains of Being Pure at HeartBroken Bells, Ezra Furman and the Harpoons ,Everybody was in the French Resistance…Now!, and  Diplo.) Miike Snow, Middle East, Mumford and Sons, Passion Pit, Tokyo Police Club, Hood Internet, Flosstradamus, Pixies, Ratatat, Amanda Blank, Sleigh Bells, Interpol, Fun^3 Fest 2010 (Royal Forest (Formerly Loxsly), League of Extraordinary Gz, Butcher Bear and Charlie, Invincible, Devin the Dude, Slick Rick, Dominique Young Unique, Big Freedia, Man Man, Dirty Projectors, RJD2, Magic Kids, Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos, Black Nasty, Toro Y Moi, Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich and Fussible,Jean Grae, Pharoahe Monch, P.O.S., Washed Out, Deerhunter, The Hold Steady, and The Descendants)

This year in non-live music: Here’s to this year’s new albums: Forgiveness Rock Record-Broken Social Scene Miike Snow-Miike Snow, Broken Bells, Wake Up!-John Legend and the Roots, The Suburbs-Arcade Fire, Sidewalks-Matt and Kim, All Day-Girl Talk, Halcyon Digest-Deerhunter, Rubber Factory-Black Keys, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Entanglements-Parenthetical Girls, Mixtape vol 4 and Anatomy Magazine x The Hood Internet- Hood Internet, LP4-Ratatat, Treats-Sleigh Bells, xx-The xx, The Satanic Satanist [Deluxe Edition]-Portugal the Man, The Mountain-Heartless Bastards, Together-New Pornographers.

This year in Sewing: Treasure City Thrift Fashion Show

This year on the interwebs: I got a smart phone.  Here’s to more Twitter updates and Gowalla check-ins.

This year in Movies: This year I watched a lot on Hulu and other peoples Netflix.  I meant to go out but that requires $$. (theater) SXSW (The Runaways, Tiny Furniture, Canal Street Madam, Barry Munday, the Freebie, Kick Ass) the Social Network, Exit Through the Gift Shop.

This year in Books: Sadly not much time for reading this year… Goodreads Tropic of Capricorn, The Tipping Point, Middlesex, Kafka on the Shore.

This year in kicking ass– (New category because I realized I rocked it out this year): SXSW Crew Chief, Volunteer Coordinator for BluesShout!, Natural Disaster Planner, Refashionista, Fun^3 Fest Blogger, and Wedding Stylist.

Plans for 2011 (in no particular order):

  1. Leave the continent
  2. Quit my job (10 years of state employment is more than a person should endure)
  3. Take on a massive design project
  4. Read more
  5. Spend less money/time on home repair
  6. Master Indian Cuisine

Here’s to 2011 and the hopes that the Dog Days really in fact are over.


September 11, 2010

The early bird- Fun^3 flys again

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Life has been way less organized these last few months little readers. I feel bad because M and I are growing our little ticket farm and we have neglected to remind you of the following:

And now it’s time to get to business…

Fun^3 Fest M and I are early birds once again.  But due to an odd shift in the cosmos, we did not win the lottery to purchase said early bird tickets.  The Jew and 2.0 were some how chosen instead of us.  WTF?!   How did this happen?  We told them about the lottery. I suppose we can’t complain.  We weren’t exactly rolling in dough at the time.  I suppose we should commend ourselves for selling the festival to two dudes based on previous experiences.

Now that the full line up and schedule have been completed, it is GOOGLE SPREADSHEET TIME!  You know that M and I are huge nerds when it comes to cramming as much festival goodness in as possible.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the show.  My plan for the weekend is to catch up on writing and sleep.


June 10, 2010

The show WILL sell out

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So M and I buy tickets for shows during pre-sale or within seconds of tickets going on sale.
This is Austin, venues are small, shows WILL sell out.  When we tell you to buy your tickets, you should listen.  90% of the time we are right.

M bought the tickets for the upcoming Passion Pit/Tokyo Police Club show the day they went on sale. As always, we debated the need for an extra pair of tickets just in case.  We had a feeling that it would sell out fast so we decided to get them and deal with them later.

We bought our tickets for Miike Snow and the Middle East during SXSW (after we stumbled home from the Spin party).  We didn’t know if we would be available on those dates but we knew we couldn’t wait.  We ended up buying two extra tickets for Miike Snow because we knew that inevitably, one of our friends would forget to buy their ticket.

We attempted to get tickets to the Phoenix show (I gave M my credit card # so she could buy them for me while I was at the office).  Tickets went on sale at 10am.  M had the computer queued up at 9:45.  At 9:58 she attempted to hit the button to see if she could buy tickets. No luck.  The sale started at 9:56.  The show sold out in 2 minutes.

Vampire Weekend was a show we were on the fence about seeing.  Sadly we spent too much time on the fence and missed out on tickets to that show.

I received the email from the Pixies mailing list about the presale for the Doolittle tour over the weekend. I am not that excited about the show being at the Music Hall but it’s the Pixies and they rarely tour.  M and I WILL be going in September.

Fast forward to now…
Miike Snow (sold out). Great show, sadly Antone’s is not the greatest place to see a band.  The Jew got one of the spare tickets and the other one was sold on CL.

Middle East/Mumford and Sons (sold out and moved to another venue to sell out again).  La Zona Rosa was a much better venue to see this band.

Passion Pit/Tokyo Police Club (sold out, they added another day and they sold out again).  M and I plan on getting their early enough to be close enough to eat their faces.  The Jew gets the spare ticket.  Sometime between now and the show one lucky person will get the last ticket.


April 4, 2009

500 Days of Summer

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500 days of summer teaser

Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) falls for Summer (Zooey Deschanel). I think she wants to eat his face.

I caught this film during SXSW.  They had one viewing at the Paramount and I made sure that I was there (even though it was day 9 and I was beyond tired).

This film not only had me swooning for JGL but it also reinforced my plan for the year.  Enjoy EVERY moment and when it’s gone, it’s gone. I would also like to revise that plan based on viewing the film.  I would like to only remember the good parts of past relationships.  Because I have documented all of the bad shit somewhere on this blog I can use that as a reference for later use.  It’s not healthy to keep replaying all of that stuff in your head.

The film is a romantic comedy that was actually believable.  Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl can’t commit, boy and girl fight a lot, boy has his heart broken (Zooey you made me hate you),  girl finally commits (but there is a twist there).  The part that makes this movie different from the standard love story is that the story is told out of order (but not in the way Memento did it).  We start during a time of breakup.  Flash back. Flash forward. Repeat. The filmmaker does a favor throughout the film and lets the viewer know what day they are on.  Without that it would have been a little hard to follow.  Even better, the movie was filmed by Marc Webb, a director with a music video background.  The colors popped and the scenes were just the right size for the short attention span generation.

I got to stick around for the Q&A after the film.  Most of the cast was there along with the writer and director.  The usual questions about what type of camera  came out.  The best question was if any of this had happened in real life.  Apparently the story is stitched together from a few relationships the writer had.  Slightly frightening but, It made me think that I should do more with the stuff that I put out for you, little readers.

The movie should be coming out in July.  You should check it out for yourself.   The soundtrack is phenomenal.  Regina Spektor, the Smiths (very important to this love story), the Pixies, Belle and Sabastain, etc… and somewhere near the middle of the film there is a dance number set to Hall and Oates’ You Make My Dreams Come True.


April 3, 2009

Here comes your man

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M and I heart the Pixies.  I am still torn on my favorite Pixies album.  Doolittle or Surfer Rosa?

I was listening to the Pixies at work today and I was reminded that I forgot to post one of my favorite 500 Days of Summer moments. (I know, I promised a full review but I don’t want to write all those spoiler alert disclaimers). Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing “Here comes your man” at a Karaoke bar (My other favorite moment was the dance number.).  He’s so dreamy (He is also 5’10” and Jewish). If that clip were available I would play it as much as I play On a Boat.

Since there aren’t clips available of JGL, I give you  the Pixies…


January 1, 2009

a good year

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Just like the Walkmen declared.  We said that 2008 was going to be a good year.  Not just a good year but the Best Year Ever!  I can’t say that it was mind-blowing but, it was definitely better than 2007. We picked up our tired, broken souls and we moved forward. “Out of the darkness and into the fire…”

For now I will give you the wrap up for 2008.  The best of 2008 will come later.

This year in live music: Brothers and Sisters; Quiet Lovely; Les Savy Fav; Ghostland Observatory; SXSW (What Made Milwaukee Famous, the Constantines, Shout Out Louds, NERD, Explorers Club, El-P, Dizzie Rascal, Dan Oh, Staccato, Flosstradamus, Fuokids, Cut Copy, Moby,  Ra Ra Riot, Bound Stems, MSTRKRFT, and Kimya Dawson);  Ra Ra Riot;  The Little Ones: Prince Paul; Tapes n’ Tapes; Flosstradamus; Thao and the Get Down Stay Down; Ratatat; Voxtrot; Cool Kids; David Byrne; Weezer; Tokyo Police Club; Girl Talk; Brothers and Sisters; FFF Fest (The National, Atmosphere, Deerhoof,… and You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Bishop Allen, Centromatic,  Parts and Labor, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Spinto Band, Frightened Rabbit, Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears, The Dead Milkmen, Clipse, Franki Chan, and Toxic Avenger); Rosebuds; and Matt and Kim.

This year in non-live music: I now own an iPod.  According to, my top 10 bands are: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltzin, the Eels, Girl Talk, the Sea and Cake,Tapes n’ Tapes, British Sea Power, Frightened Rabbit, Wilco, Atmosphere, and the Pixies.  I do like these bands a lot but there is a problem with and the iPod scrobbling.  It doesn’t catch a lot of things that I listen to because I don’t sync my iPod frequently enough.

This year in Sewing: I taught a few more classes at FirstSamples.  I did some more alterations.  I taught M to sew and gave her a sewing machine to play with.  Designed a line for a fashion show and I entered a design contest. I volunteered at the Swap-o-rama-rama at Maker Faire.

This year in Bikes: I managed to ride my bike the 10 miles to Megan’s house and back.  I bought a “new” bike.  A Japanese Mixte that I stripped, repainted, and rebuilt.  It should be ready to ride in 2009. I learned how to be a better urban cyclist from M and the pedi-cab drivers downtown during SXSW.

This year on the interwebs: I redesigned (I also migrated the content from Blogger to WordPress).  I finally signed up for Twitter (I am bad about updating it).  I learned to love and hate facebook.  I abandoned myspace. I signed up for Goodreads and  I downloaded iTunes.  I’ve viewed countless things on YouTube.

This year in Movies: (theater) SXSW (Nerdcore Rising, Choke, Bananaz, and Bulletproof Salesman);   Iron Man; Juno (which is going to get my best sountrack award); Wanted; 21; Wall-e; and Milk. (dvd)  Four-eyed Monsters, Darjeeling Limited, Batman Begins, Cars, Rattatouille, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, the Prestige, and Harry Potter (Goblet of Fire and Order of the Pheonix).

This year in Books: I signed up for Goodreads so I can actually keep track of what I am reading.  I also made use of my library card.  This is what I read: Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim – Sedaris, The Between Boyfriends Book – Chupack, Barrel Fever – Sedaris, Holidays on Ice – Sedaris, The Game – Strauss, The Sweet Potato Queen’s Field Guide to Men – Conner, Bringing Down the House – Mezrich, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay – Chabon, Heat – Buford, Strip City – Burana, Tropic of Cancer – Miller, The Sexual Politics of Meat – Adams, Little Birds – Nin, and Sex and Bacon – Lewis.

Here is the list of things I neglected to do in 2008 (in order of regret of not doing them) along with excuses for not doing them:

  1. Travel: It doesn’t have to be out of the country. New Zealand will probably be postponed until 2010 because my traveling buddy has a house to pay for. Now that I have a new car, I am thinking road trip. I would like to go back to some of the places I stopped during the geology road trip from hell (GEO 660).  No road trips. But I did manage a semi-high speed chase after the hit-and-run incident.
  2. Interact with real people (not on the internet). As more of my friends move away I realize that I want to spend more time with the people that are here. I will also need to branch out before I end up alone. I should also cut back on my internet stalking habit.  Still stalking on the internet. But I did manage to meet a bunch of new people this year.  I went on 17 dates.  That is more dates than I have been on in my entire 31 years of existence.  I made some new friends and I got to know a few friends a little better.

Not sure what 2009 will bring. I haven’t written up any plans just yet.  Here’s to another good year.

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