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Why can’t we just look the other way?

by @ Monday, November 1st, 2010. Filed under bad habits, concerts, random musings

We’ve mentioned previously that we loves us some trainwrecks.  Well we went to Stubb’s on Thursday and not even the amazing performance from Interpol could prevent us from catching a few.  All it takes is one thing (a sequined dress, no-pants pants, a dude rocking out on the balcony, Sasquatch parking himself in front of a short girl), then M will look at me, make the face, and I know exactly what is going on.

The show was sold out (told ya so), we got to the show just after the opening act.  There was enough time for the crew to grab beer and make a bee line for our favorite spot (I shouldn’t have to tell you were that is, you should be able to tell from the shots that M takes.).  We weren’t sure what to expect. Then the lights went up and the band came on, and all of a sudden it got really quiet.  Then it hit me, the sound guy knew what he was doing.  I didn’t need earplugs and the sound was amazing (except when the dudes behind me decided that this was karaoke).

You’d think with the greatness of these angsty sounding metro dudes M and I would behave (Mmmm, dudes in dandy clothes…). Nope.  M spotted a dude rocking out in the VIP area.  His head was bobbing double time.    Then there were a few people that decided to push through the crowd for better spots.  Then the bathroom break crowd. Then the Stubb’s security guy dancing with some chicks in VIP.  This could have gone on for a long time had M not moved up closer to shoot the show.

After the show I waited  with the Jew for M and 2.0.  A girl walks past us in some sort of short sequined tank top thing and something resembling a skirt.  I don’t know if it qualified as a skirt since it was barely there.  Maybe it was a black lace ruffle on the bottom of said tank top thingy.  I gave the Jew the look.  Sadly, I didn’t get the same response M would have given.  Oh well…

Are we evil?


B Movie Moments

by @ Sunday, July 18th, 2010. Filed under bad habits, confessional, internet, observations on life, phobias, social network drama
Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

Image from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

In the last few weeks I have made the executive decision to remove a few people from my FB news feed.  Why?  Because life was getting to be a bit like a B movie.  Sure, Web 2.0 has a lot of benefits.  You get to keep in touch with people all over the globe, but at the same time, there are just a few things you don’t need/want to know (or you will go CRAZY).

As we all know, the classic B horror flick contains several scenes where the audience tries to tell the actor/actress not to do something.  “Don’t go in the basement!” or “Don’t open that door!” or “Get the fuck out of there, something is going to kill you!”

My version of that is deleting people from my feed (I don’t “un-friend” them).  If I really want to know, I have to make the effort to go to their profile and read their wall.  But as we all know from experience, that is a bad idea.


Get thee gone!

by @ Tuesday, April 21st, 2009. Filed under bad habits, confessional

I was downtown a week or so ago and drove past the employer of someone I went out with (someone who dumped me via email with the classic “not ready to be in a relationship” statement and then got married 2 months later).  I realized that my wish should be true by now.  They are long gone.  Sadly, I didn’t get to banish them.  I suppose you could say that they banished themselves. They got married and moved away.

Last night I happened to be stalking surfing around on the interwebs and discovered another person I had dated (and sent this email) had treated me to a little self-banishment.  They referred to it as grad school.

It’s not like I want to hire a hit man and have these people taken out (I don’t want to go to jail).  I just want to avoid running into them at all costs.  If I wanted discomfort I would wear thongs.  Ideally, I would be able to just banish them to some deserted island.  Something like the Island of Misfit Toys.

If you could banish someone, who would it be and why?


by @ Saturday, April 4th, 2009. Filed under bad habits, boys, internet, movies, stalking logo
In my stalking of JGL yesterday I discovered another hidden gem on the interwebs (or tubes as we call them). is a little project that JGL has been working on for a few years.  Here’s the description of what can be done on the site

What does it mean, hit record?
Different things… It can be an object, a musical recording that sold a lot of copies. But it can also be an action, to hit record, to start recording, to make a record, be it musical, visual, textual, or anything else. That moment when you hit the REC button, when the tape starts rolling, or the camera clicks, or even when somebody writes something down, it always makes my heart beat a bit harder.

Hit record. A complete sentence in the imperative tense, it’s something I’ve been telling myself a lot lately. When I was younger, my life’s work was to be recorded, but not to hit record. That’s changing.

What do you suppose could change if we all started to hit RECord?

In other words it is a place for collaborations (or mashups, if you prefer).  Everything that the MAN doesn’t want us to do.  But, if enough of us out there are regenerating content, and hopefully breathing new life and perspectives into it on the way,  maybe we can defeat the man one day.

If you haven’t already checked it out, take a peek at the site for RIP: A Remix Manifesto (a documentary created to expose the MANs efforts at stifling the creatives, and perhaps to flip him off.).  The film is undergoing a series of remixes as we speak.  Since day one the filmmaker, Brett Gaylor, has shared his raw footage at, for anyone to remix.

As always, little readers, stay tuned for a full review of the movie.  Until then I give you the definition of hitRECord. If you’ve got time, go make a little something that will move us a step closer to defeating the MAN.


It’s like Zappos for men.

by @ Monday, March 30th, 2009. Filed under bad habits, dating

So I logged back in to the dating site.  After seeing Christian Rudder live and in person I felt the need to try again.  Sunday I logged in and updated my profile.  I explained that my absense was because I had been treating the site like Zappos for men (yes, I used those words).  What I failed to mention is that I only window shop on Zappos.  I have purchased more than a dozen pair of shoes but they were all returned within days of opening the box.

I suppose that you could say the same for my man shopping habits.  Mainly window shopping.  I have gone on a few dates but definitely no keepers just yet.

Zappos men

Zappos must have been listening. These men appeared in my inbox today.


Productivity has it’s price

by @ Tuesday, November 25th, 2008. Filed under bad habits, diy projects, rants

In the last week I have destroyed a giant heap of sweaters (high end sweaters) to produce 9 hat/scarf sets.  There are also a few unmatched hats and scarves.  You might say that is awesome. But it’s not.  The only reason that happened is because I am in a bad mood, and when that happens it is just best for me to be in my sewing cave away from all people (usually destroying things). I am not in some sort of crafter’s holiday rush right now.  My hatred for retail (and bitchy customers) keeps me from selling my stuff in stores and the internet (BTW. If someone out there wants to be the go between for a minimal fee, preferably merch, let me know).

To the people who are concerned about my disappearance or perhaps the fact that I haven’t been answering my phone, stay tuned, you could end up with something nice and warm.

I suppose the plus side to spending a billion hours in front of the sewing machine is that it keeps me off the internet.


The end of online dating

by @ Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008. Filed under bad habits, boys, confessional, dating

Today the profiles were deleted. I still had 400 points left on my nerve personals account but I decided to cancel anyway. Has it done me any good? Mmmn, not really. It did get you a few good stories. I doubt that if I had met Napoleon Dynomite in person that it would have resulted in a date. Yahoo Personals was totally lame. No hits from people remotely interesting.

I was spending way too much time man hunting on the internet anyways. I will use my new found extra time to get more sewing and blogging done. Maybe some reading.

I need to find a place to meet straight men. I meet plenty of gay men in my travels (Fabric Store, Project Runway screenings, etc…). Maybe I will join a kickball league this fall.


Date #9 – The Redhead

by @ Monday, September 1st, 2008. Filed under 17dates, bad habits, stalking

Date: July 2, 2008
Location: Gingerman
Time: 7 pm
Duration of date: 12 hrs 30 min
Occupation: Teacher
Age: 26

So crazy paid off. After a week of emailing back and forth on Facebook he asked me out.

We met at the gingerman at 7. He was at the table in the far corner, reading a book and drinking a beer. I got a beer. We talked for a long time. We had another round of beer. More talking. He asked about dinner. I said I wasn’t super hungry but I would go grab food with him. I was feeling the beer so food was a good idea.

We walked to Taverna. He was hobbling due to a broken toe. I was a little tipsy. We ordered capresi and some wine (I filed the disclaimer that I could drink no more). We talked more, we ordered dinner. More talking. I drank the wine. The trek to the restroom was a little tricky. Then I did the unthinkable. The check came and I let him pay.

He asked what I would be up for next. I said that I could not drive home right now. He said we could go for a walk. I vetoed because he was being stubborn about the foot. We ended up at Betsy’s bar. He got makers and something. I had LOTS of water. We talked some more. The truth came out about the email. He admitted to putting a lot of work into those. I admitted that I put the effort in because I was writing to an english teacher. At some point I leaned towards him and put my head against his. Then we were making out in the bar. He held my hand. He had his hand on my thigh, then he was running his hand along my leg, then his hand was under my skirt (AND I DIDN’T STOP HIM). We were THAT couple. Making out in the bar.

We left the bar and he asked what I wanted to do next. I said, driving was not an option for me. He asked if I wanted to hand out with him some more. I said that would be cool. He asked if I’d like to see his school. So we hiked up to his school. He showed me his classroom. We made out there. Then we made out in his car (it was parked at school). Here is where I debated asking him to take me back to Em’s house so I could sleep on her couch.

I went to his place. He filed the disclaimer that his house was a mess. I shouldn’t let it reflect poorly on him because his roommate is a slob. His room was really clean. We talked for a bit. Then it was more making out. (when I told em the story earlier she asked if i was sober enough to make clear decisions. was it the liquor talking?) I was in complete control of the situation. I removed my own underpants. We made out some more. Then it was obvious that the sex was going to happen. I said that I had condoms in my purse. Game ON! That’s right, the 2 year drought is over.

There was sex and talking and more making out. I think that I got 2 hours of sleep. I did have some issues keeping my mouth shut. I brought up the 2 year drought. I told him that this is one of the few dates that I’ve gone on recently that didn’t end in the awkward hug. I told him that the sex on the first date never happens.

The sleepover. Umm, he held me all night. I couldn’t escape. I wanted to be on a side of the bed on my own with covers. So clingy in the bed. He said that I should call in sick and he would take me to my car on the way to work.

We were up before the alarm rang. More making out. There was no sex though. He showered while I rounded up my clothes. I checked out the contents of his room too. Not bad. He is moving this weekend. He is trading in a roommate for the cat that has been living with his parents.

He said that he wanted to see me again. He asked what I was doing on Friday and could he take me out to dinner. I told him that he didn’t have to buy my dinner.

He dropped me off at my car around 7:30 and tried to convince me to skip work. He didn’t have to be at work until 9 but I realized that my car needed to be moved before 8 (it was at a meter). He kissed me and said that he would call me later.

I managed to get to my house at 8. I got showered and dressed and was in my office at 8:30.

He sent me a really sweet email that morning. We shall see how this plays out.


Am I a magnet?

by @ Friday, August 15th, 2008. Filed under bad habits, boys

I’ve always thought of myself as pretty approachable. I guess it’s true. My school friend and I were sitting in the cafeteria last week studying/finishing up some final business for our speech class and it seemed like every nerd in the place had to come talk to us.

It wasn’t like we were advertising or anything Our boobs were fully in our shirts, it was just strange. We weren’t talking to other people or anything, just minding our own business.

Weird though. Just the other day I was talking to a climbing friend of mine, saying how I cannot seem to get any dates at all. He said I was just picky. Maybe he’s right. The Jew and I were talking last week and decided that it would be good to no judge people any longer. I’m notorious for judging people within the first 5 minuets of talking to them.

So for the next month I will really try hard not to judge people and thus, be a little less picky.

P.S. There are really good things about being picky; like ending up with the friends that I have. They’re awesome. But that being said, maybe I’m a little too hard on strangers. So this will be a social experiment for the next month. I’ll keep you updated.


Smart went Crazy

by @ Saturday, June 28th, 2008. Filed under bad habits, boys, internet, stalking

So I went a little crazy this week with the whole interweb stalking. When M and I get bored we send each other the M4W Craigslist postings. Since she has been on a hot streak recently I was a little jealous and decided to take action.

I responded to a ton of ads. The one response I got was from a super hot guy who was interested in me (or my legs). Unfortunately he posted his ad in the wrong city (he lives in CA). I moved on to the Chronicle’s personals. I was debating signing up for their service. Not sure I want to go there. There are a handful of interesting people.

In my craziness, I used the interweb for evil. I stalked a boy. I ran a few keywords in his profile through google. Then I located a name which I could run through the “friend finder” in MySpace and Facebook. Normally I stop myself at this point. But as I said before, “I WAS CRAZY”. So I sent this boy an email on Facebook. It felt a little “Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator” but I did it anyways. I admitted to stalking him in the email. (IMHO Facebook is not really the place to be picking up dudes. That is a MySpace thing).

I sent the Arab a text message saying that I needed help. The first step to sobriety is admitting you have a problem. I got on the elliptical machine to for a bit. I can’t use the computer there. Later, I emailed M and Meg to let them know about the crazy and that I had put myself in time out. I was traveling for work and I was going to back away from the interweb. They were rather amused.

At this point in time I can say that crazy paid off. Stay tuned.

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