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Brave or stupid?

by @ Thursday, August 4th, 2011. Filed under boys, growing up, movies, observations on life

Whether you are 34 or 14 it isn’t any easier telling a boy that you like him.  I did so this past weekend (via email because I was too chicken to say it out loud).  It was that or be stuck living the life of Watts in Some Kind of Wonderful (One of my favorite John Hughes films.  I have a thing for gingers.).  I had a hunch that I would not get the same ending as the movie (below).  Instead I had a panic attack related to the “I like you” email and ended up day drinking with Meg and Chris. Then there was the long wait until that evening when the let down email arrived.

With all the stress affiliated with the sale of the house, I look back and think that I was more stupid than brave to take this on.  I now had one less person to lean on.  But at the same time, I really needed to rip the band-aid off or risk an even bigger let down when he found someone else.

So here’s our girl Watts snagging the hot ginger.    I am off to figure out what plan B is.  So far it involves Speed Dating on Saturday evening (hopefully I end up with more than a blog post after this one).

I Always Knew You Were Stupid
Some Kind of Wonderful at



Simon says… HAVE FUN!

by @ Monday, November 8th, 2010. Filed under boys, concerts, fun^3 fest, Music
Pharoahe Monch

Pharoahe says...

So day 2 started with an extra government issued hour of sleep.  Thanks.  My lungs were filled with dust and it took 2 cups of coffee to make myself functional.

I made it to the park in time to catch Magic Kids.  I’ve been meaning to check them out on several occasions.  [Thank you parking gods for making this possible.] My main reason for getting to the park early (besides the good parking space) was to check out Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s.  I hadn’t seen them in a few years and I was curious (more on that later).  Then it was off to my home stage (blue) for Black Nasty. The song on the Fun^3 website peaked my curiosity.

I dashed back to the orange stage for Toro y Moi only to find out it was his birthday (and the sound guy hated him).  I also found out that day 2 of Hipsterween was in full effect [Why did I not get the memo about the cat ears?].  I swear, I was one hipster short of finding all the Village People.  Gumby was having a good time but I was not.  I headed back to the Blue stage and caught the last part of Nortec Collective [Totally unexpected, Tejano Dance Music  and 2 iPads].

I decided to hang around the blue stage for most of the evening.  Jean Grae and Pharoahe Monch tore it up.  I saw Gumby crowdsurf (stay tuned for video) during P.O.S’s set [I also fell in love with another head-bobbing dj.  Until he lit a cigarette.  Now I hate him.]  By the time Washed Out hit the stage I was a little scared.  It was REALLY crowded and I was wedged between the crowd and the railing.  It was time to go.  I managed to catch the end of Deerhunter’s set and I wished I made it there sooner [I decided to hit the port-o-potties sooner vs. later.]

I wrapped up my evening with the Hold Steady [and 3 songs from the Descendants].  I probably should have left after Deerhunter but I felt that I needed to stick around.  M and 2.0 were somewhere in the photo pit.

So that is my quick recap of the fest.  In the next few days you will see a lot more.  Interviews, photos, video, full write ups on some of the bands we caught, etc….  Why?  Because we love you [and we had media credentials].


The early bird- Fun^3 flys again

by @ Saturday, September 11th, 2010. Filed under 17dates, boys, concerts, fun^3 fest, Music, note to readers, random musings, sxsw

Life has been way less organized these last few months little readers. I feel bad because M and I are growing our little ticket farm and we have neglected to remind you of the following:

And now it’s time to get to business…

Fun^3 Fest M and I are early birds once again.  But due to an odd shift in the cosmos, we did not win the lottery to purchase said early bird tickets.  The Jew and 2.0 were some how chosen instead of us.  WTF?!   How did this happen?  We told them about the lottery. I suppose we can’t complain.  We weren’t exactly rolling in dough at the time.  I suppose we should commend ourselves for selling the festival to two dudes based on previous experiences.

Now that the full line up and schedule have been completed, it is GOOGLE SPREADSHEET TIME!  You know that M and I are huge nerds when it comes to cramming as much festival goodness in as possible.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the show.  My plan for the weekend is to catch up on writing and sleep.


Damn you! (and your headphones)

by @ Friday, August 27th, 2010. Filed under boys, concerts, Music

I got a double dose of DJ’d music this week.  I don’t know  what it is with the head-bobbing dudes and their giant headphones, but I want to make them all my future ex-husband.

Thursday night, M and I went downtown to see Flosstradamus spin.  We were a bit annoyed with the fact that the show was on a Thursday and that it was at Red 7.  On top of that, there were two openers and Flossy wasn’t going to hit the stage until 12:30.  We decided to camp out at the home bar and drink for cheap until the show started.

The set got off to a good start but then it got lame.  I though things would improve when the dudes mixed in the song from the Lion King and someone on stage lifted up the fan like Simba.  No such luck.

Friday night I went to Sock Hop vs. Soul Happening.  I put on a party dress (pink gingham halter dress), fluffed up the afro and hit the Mohawk.There is something to be said about live dj-ing on actual records.  These guys went the extra mile by spinning 45’s.

SSSH  ended up winning the battle.  They had better transitions and they had the crowd dancing until they could dance no more.



by @ Saturday, July 31st, 2010. Filed under boys, observations on life
Austin Monthly

(David Weaver) A-List photos from the Austin Monthly bachelor issue release party at Gables Park Plaza on 07.27.10.

M and I went on an adventure Wednesday night.  Well, it wasn’t the quite adventure that we had planned it to be.

For a few years, M has wanted to check out the Austin Monthly Bachelor Party.  She’s come close but never made it into the door.  This year, due to her web 2.0 skills, she was able to RSVP for the both of us to get in.  The plan was to get dressed up and meet some interesting dudes.

I arrived at M’s in a ridiculously short dress and heels (I don’t usually wear short dresses.  I am already a tall girl.  Short dresses and heels make my legs look freakishly long).  M threw on something equally daring and we set off for the Gables (BTW.  these are some very nice, but expensive, apartments).

We arrive and there is valet parking (score!). The attendants showed their appreciation for the outfits (they were cute).  We have only made one snarky comment on the way to the table to sign in.  Things were good.  Or so we thought.

We arrive at the party, only to realize that we are the misfits.  Two lone hipsters in the plastic jungle (riddled with Cougars, I might add).  It was like some ladies night on West 6th with dollar drink specials (oddly there were no men cashing in on this).  Everywhere you turned, label after designer label.  At least there were free drinks.  Grey Goose was a sponsor so M and I started on Vodka (survival tactic).

We did a lap and decided to go outside and observe the wildlife from the other side of the glass.  we grabbed a copy of the magazine so we could do some research before the formal introduction started.  Most of the guys seemed really interesting.  There were some we considered adding to our list of future ex-husbands.

When we went back inside we discovered a field of gift bags by the door (and a girl wearing something that resembled an Ikea pillowcase that was trying to be a dress).  We didn’t feel like carrying anything, besides drinks, so we left them behind (after checking out the loot inside).  The bachelor intros were…(well there is no better way to say it)… Lame!  First of all, there wasn’t a mic.  The MC, host, whatever she was, ended up using the DJ’s headphones.  You could barely her her adlibbed intros over the commentary from the jungle floor.  When all was said and done, we took advantage of a few photo ops, grabbed some wine, and went outside.

We did a lap around the patio to confirm that we were, in fact ,the misfits.    Oh well.   It was getting late so we made one last ditch effort to communicate with the one bachelor that we would actually run into  in real life.  There was a split second when the Fun^3 Fest guy wasn’t surrounded with cougars and we took a chance and inquired whether or not he was bringing Sleigh Bells.  Then we asked if any other people asked about the fest.  In this crowd.  Only one person.  We chatted for a bit about music stuff and a mutual friend.  Then we asked who we should contact if we wanted to get press passes.  It was obvious that he was looking for fan girls to fawn over him vs. people that are interested in his business.   Not at all what I expected.

Overall, it was a not-so-eventful night. M and I caught up on a few things and got to test drive some dresses that hadn’t made it out of the closet yet.


Clark Kent and Superman

by @ Saturday, July 31st, 2010. Filed under boys, dating, observations on life
clark kent/superman

Superman/Clark Kent - Superman Fan Art (546265)

…are never in the same place.  The same is true of M and myself when it comes to relationships.   One of us is always single.

I mentioned it to 2.0 a week or so ago and he asked if we did it on purpose so someone could be there for support.  I said that was not the case.  It just happens.

Thursday night before the Flossy show, M and I went through the full chronology of our friendship and I was right.  She asked if she should ditch 2.0 so I could date someone [Obviously she was kidding.]   I told her that it really shouldn’t have to be that way.  One of these we will go on a double date.  Just not now.


Inflated Egos and apology letters

by @ Friday, July 16th, 2010. Filed under boys, dating

Inflated EgosRecently I’ve received a few apology letters from boys that I went on a handful of dates with.  I don’t know what it is, maybe they thought I was still hung up on them, b/c they were just that wonderful. Ha! yeah right.

Went on about two dates with each, had an alright time, but there was really nothing there that compelled me to want to go on more  dates with either of them.  I would go if they asked and probably would also have had an alright time.  However, neither was smart enough, interesting enough, or really hot enough that I would take time to try to make plans.

The hysterical thing is, they must have hugely inflated egos.  Why would you need to apologize to someone you only went on two dates with after you (maybe in an unsaid manner, but still) mutually agreed that it wasn’t really all that worth it.

Boys: I was just being polite, it was clear that neither of you understood my intellect.  This is not to say that I’m smarter (I don’t need to say that, I know, you know, and we know it).  I just have a different way of thinking about things, from you.  I admit I’m a bit kooky, crazy even, but I’m sure as hell you’ve never met anyone quite like me.

I think it goes without saying that they also didn’t bother to get my point of view, and perhaps that’s the most important part of it all. They never tried to understand my sarcasm.  I know that’s partially my fault too, maybe I wrote them off too early.  But in all honesty, I feel that anyone who’s worth my time, will show me almost instantly.

It’s a little cocky on your part to think that I’d be hung up on you.  So, sorry to burst your bubble, but truth is, I know I deserve, and have better people in my life.  It’s even a little rude to send those e-mails.  I know why you did it though, to bolster your ego, and I’m ok with that. As long as you can sleep at night.  The only thing is that it’s a bit unfair to bolster your ego at the expense of someone else.

More than anything else, the e-mails made me mad.  However, I do also know it’s not worth my time to bother responding.  Go on, off into the ether. Thanks for playing, but you loose.

Here’s an excerpt from the e-mails, it’s great for a laugh: He titled his e-mail “Sorry”

I am too genuine to even let a trite 2 date thing let go.  So I am sorry for not responding to you.  I was in a place.  I liked you, but I didn’t want to expose you to things so I just….let it go. It’s the crap that I complain about, and I did it myself.  So, I am sorry for not at least saying….something.  Because it’s rude, and I’d be pissed too.  I hope things are going better for you now.  It is a thing I hate for me to be just “another asshole guy”.  Because I try to be nice.  I am a “nice guy” and actually pretty sick of it.

Genuine? Really? Um, if you were a real man you would have said something at the time.  I was ok just letting it go, srsly.

It is a”thing” for me to be misunderstood.  I lose it when someone doesn’t understand what I’m saying.  And it’s why I never responded.  So there.

Uh, dude, you’re misunderstood because you don’t know how to communicate clearly and concisely. You’re going to blame me for not understanding you?  That’s not on me buddy.

But I cut it short.  I was afraid to see.  If you haven’t noticed already, it’s all or nothing with me  I’m supposed to do “me time” but, I know what I want.  Sort of.  Maybe..  I guess I felt I should say these things.  Just so I am not “another” asshole.  I used “quotes” a lot here.  Oh well..
Uh…./emo off

Get over yourself dude.

Here’s the other one I got.  This one didn’t so much make me angry, but more confused.  I still didn’t really think there was much in common here, but it was a much nicer e-mail than the “I’m really a nice guy, so I have to tell you, but I can’t communicate or be bothered to try to.”
I think this one is more about hoping I’ll respond and maybe he can go on more dates with me. Sorry dude. It wasn’t terrible, but I have better/more important people to spend time with.

Hey M,
I just wanted to wish you happy Summer. I know with so many things going on that we went apart but I had a really great time with you.  You possess that rare quality of beauty and intelligence that I’m finding is incredibly rare here and everywhere in the world.

However, it was nice that he said I am intelligent. At least this dude bothered to try to get that.  I bet if I saw him out somewhere, I’d be polite, maybe even buy him a drink.  I doubt I’ll run into him though.



by @ Sunday, June 27th, 2010. Filed under boys

I have a coworker that has been dating a guy for 5 years and currently lives with him.  His title, “manfriend”.  I use this word quite a bit.  Yenta finds it amusing.  I told her it was a convenient term to use, it’s also more PC than saying “dude I’m sleeping with”.  Besides, the last person to hold the title of “boyfriend” soiled it for future use.

According to the Urban Dictionary

-someone who you hook-up or have sex with but specifically are not dating.

-A male significant other that possesses a higher level of maturity than the typical “boyfriend”. It is usually a term used by women that have very high standards in a relationship and do not have the patience to tolerate immature bullshit.


Why do ladies make passes at boys with moustaches?

by @ Sunday, January 31st, 2010. Filed under boys, dating

I recently went out with a dude with a beard (It’s a sensible, trimmed, full-beard/moustache combo.  A good accessory for one of those corduroy jackets with elbow patches).    I met him on the internet and based on the photos, I had a 50/50 chance of facial hair.  For those of you who know me, this is a rarity.  I’ve lucked out and for the most part I have dealt with minimal face fuzz (sideburns, goatee, 5 o’clock shadow).  Would I stop going out with a guy because of facial hair decisions alone?  Probably not.  But if he were to go crazy and shave his beard into the porn stache, or trim the sensible beard into a chin beard… he may have to go.

In the meantime, I have a friend who’s woman WANTS him to grow some facial hair.  I have no clue why.  He is totally opposed to the idea.  I think he has grown a ridiculous soul patch to appease her.

For those of you on the hunt for dudes with ‘staches, Misprint magazine is hosting their 4th Annual Beard and Moustache Contest on February 19th at the Mohawk
misprint magazine 4th annual beard and moustache contest



by @ Tuesday, December 15th, 2009. Filed under boys, confessional

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

-Albert Einstein

I continue to do the same thing over and over.  It’s like I see it coming, so I batten down the hatches and prepare for the fight, thinking this one will be different. “If I can just get through this, then it’ll all be ok.” Then it ends, and we’re both heartbroken and generally broken.  That’s not to say that I don’t believe time heals all wounds, because I do.  I  think that’s maybe the reason why I continue this behavior.  It’s a different fight each time, but I’ll still push and fight to the teeth.

So, yeah, it happened.  I kinda had a feeling it would from the very beginning, it usually does.  I’m usually the one to get broken up with, I’m just too much of a fighter to not go down swinging.

The problem is, that I never remember this feeling when I’m beginning the fight. It’s like this new fight has erased all the other horrible ones from my memory.  And I think, “This time it’s different.”  But really, it never is, it might be about something different, but the outcome is the same, I have to eventually give up.  The giving up part is harder than the actual fight for me.  I’m so determined, and so stubborn, that each time it’s worse.

This begs the question, How much is too much?  How much can I put up with and know it is or will be worth it in the end.  Am I just going to continue this vicious behavior in every relationship?  Or will I eventually be so broken, like Muhammad Ali with Parkinson’s, left trembling and almost incomprehensible?

I want so desperately for my life to be a movie, the happy ending and all that but it never turns out that way.  And I know this, its something I tell myself all the time. However, telling yourself something and believing it are two different things.

It’s just not good enough anymore.  To continue fighting for things that I know won’t pan out is insanity.  From this point on, I’m deciding that I’m only going to put into a relationship exactly what I’m getting out of it.

Can someone please remind me of this next time I start getting ready for the end fight scene?  I’m not going get all cynical here and swear off men.  I’m not even going to banish particular ones to the closet of misfit toys.  I just need help with the perspective thing.

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