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Choose your own adventure

by @ Wednesday, September 13th, 2006. Filed under employment, growing up, rants

I have been bitching about work a lot lately and was reminded that I am in control of this adventure. Granted there are some major things in life that I have no control over (the start and end of this tale). But I get to choose whether or not I want this job. I also get to have some say in what I want this job to be for me.

So what now? It’s time to re-evaluate. I took some time out yesterday to look at where I’ve been (aka. checking the resume for freshness). I am thinking about where I am now (and more importantly what am I worth). The next thing to do is decide what is next. Specifically, which direction do I go now (There is currently no fork in the road. I need to make a choice to be on or of the path).

Project Management is what I’d like to do. Although I’d prefer to manage projects that didn’t suck. The field that I want to manage these projects in is currently unknown.

Stay tuned boys and girls.


Anger Management

by @ Wednesday, June 21st, 2006. Filed under bad habits, employment

For the most part I manage anger through avoidance. For example, stupid people piss me off. I avoid stupid people. Pretty simple. Granted, this is not the best way to solve the problem. I have read “The Art of Happiness” many times and I am well aware of the fact that being open minded and understanding is key to achieving happiness.

So, why tell you about this? One of my favorite bloggers left this note on her blog today…

Do not use the comments box to give advice or diagnoses regarding my father. Just don’t. Because I promise I will crawl through the internet and cut you.”

…I was reminded that I didn’t tell you about my latest and greatest achievement at work.

Work pisses me off. The frustration with working for “the man” caused me to explode during a meeting (just a team meeting not anything with the execs). My co-workers refer to it as project manager Tourett’s. I just kicked up a notch. To the point that one of my smart ass co-workers decided to say, “Watch your tone missy.” She was trying to bring life to the room that I just sucked the life out of with my explosion.

My boss came to me to say that she was concerned about my “tone” during the meeting. We talked for a bit. I don’t like her tone. She has one of those “mom-I-want-everything-to-be-ok” voices. Kind of timid and weak sounding. Annoys the hell out of me.

I got a high five from a co-worker that gets the “I am concerned about your tone” talk on a daily basis. I am now one of the cool kids.

In other news: We did a sweep of sharp objects in the offices of “at risk” project managers. Well the project managers weren’t at risk. The stupid people were the ones at risk.


Job #12 and a lifetime more to go

by @ Saturday, June 25th, 2005. Filed under employment, growing up

It’s 10:15 on Friday night.

I have secured my 12th job. It feels a little weird. I am happy to be leaving the area where I am in but I am not quite sure if this next job is “the one” or if it is just preparing me for job #13. I am exhausted. You’d think that job hunting and finding would be easy for someone like me who has had so many jobs. It’s not.

People give me a lot of shit for wanting something more, something better. They say, “be thankful that you have a job.” Blame my stupidity. I have been listening to an audiobook called, “The Millionaire Mind,” by Thomas J. Stanley, PhD. He says that people who were told they wouldn’t be successful because they did poorly in school/standardized tests are often the ones that make it the farthest. Damn right! I had the conflicting messages. My teachers didn’t expect me to amount to much at times but my parents always gave me the “as long as you do your best” speech.

Sometimes I think it’s a curse. Other times I am thankful for being so driven. I am 28 and I have been a homeowner for 3 years. I am not rich by any means. I have enough. I have no debts (unless you count the mortgage). Somedays I think that it might be cool to have a nicer car or a hottub. Maybe a giant tv with surround sound. But I am doing alright without those things.

I am not looking for extra cash. I feel that if you are going to spend a good portion of your life at your job it had damn well better be satisfying. There are much faster ways to make money at not so satisfying jobs. I could be a drug dealer or a sex worker (although something says that sex worker may be a little fun for a little while).

If I am going to work under someone, that someone had better be a damn good leader and I should learn something from them. Otherwise what is the point? Why not be self-employed?

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