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Hipsterween (aka Fun^3 Fest 2009)

by @ Monday, November 9th, 2009. Filed under bike, concerts, ex sightings, fun^3 fest, Music

(edited on 11/9/9 after a good night’s sleep)

It is way past my bedtime.

I came home, showered (to remove mud and to get the smell of smoke and bad weed out of my hair) , tossed in a load of laundry,  made dinner, and now I am eating a vegan chocolate cupcake and writing to you.

First, let me thank the people that run this fest and make it magical every time.  You let me pick up my wristband early so I didn’t have to stand in line.   For the low price of $79.97 (Early Bird in the house)  I saw 20 acts in two days.  Many of which I hadn’t seen before.   Although I didn’t partake in food and beverages, there were a ton of choices for me, the vegetarian who also avoids HFCS).  Thank you!

Second, let me complain to the fest organizers about having to make my own grid schedule.  The website was nice and flashy but there is something to be said for low-tech (umm, it runs faster).  I had some issues making the scheduler work.  I have up and made myself an excel spreadsheet.

Lastly, Is there a person I can complain to about the people who got to the show late and tried to push their way tot the front?  Or can someone do something about the people smoking bad pot?  Better yet, can umbrellas be banished?

Here is the photo montage from my weekend,  you can get the details after the jump



Fancy seeing you here…

by @ Saturday, September 27th, 2008. Filed under 17dates, boys, ex sightings

I knew I would eventually run into one of those guys again.

Today I was out watching the debates with my posse at a local bar (I know, we are dorks for watching the debates in a bar, but it was high def and most of us don’t have cable). M and I were watching the door for hot guys and the rest of the crew. I saw guy walk in and did a double take. It was the redhead (who according to his facebook profile is engaged). I turn to M and she looks at me. M starts to get up and have a chat with him. I told her to ignore him. I look away and try to be invisible (Not very easy. A black girl is kind of hard to miss.) He starts walking towards us and ends up a few tables away. I maintain my cool and keep talking to my peeps. M offers to take him out for me. I said no. He’s just a sad little boy in a bar watching the debates all by himself.

In the end he decided to move to the other end of the bar. I am guessing he felt a little uncomfortable (At one point in time I turned around to talk to my peeps at the table behind me and we made eye contact. Neither of us said a thing). I, on the other hand, felt truly blessed. I have a posse that will always be by my side rain or shine.

Oh, and I saw David Byrne last night. More reasons to be happy.

I love you all.


Merry Christmas (take that Martha Stewart)

by @ Friday, December 9th, 2005. Filed under diy projects, ex sightings

I dragged my 2-d, cat-proof, Christmas tree out of the closet last night and decided that I needed to add a little more bling. This years main decoration…

AOL coasters (and a few crappy free cds).

I actually save them vs. tossing them and letting them go out to the landfill. I figured that one day I could make them into something . I saw some pretty cool Halloween costumes that you can make with old cds.

I need to add a little more color but I think that I have enough bling.

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