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SXSW 2012 Recap part 2

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SXSW is over.  The rain will wash away the dirt and stench that overwhelmed downtown.  Another year has taught me that I enjoy indoor shows with seating way more than the outdoor ones.  The sound is better, the people tend to be more civilized.

Here’s how the rest of the week went.  I am still deciphering my notes from SXSWi panels.  Stay tuned.

Day 6, Wednesday:

Day 7, Thursday:

Day 8, Friday:

Day 9, Saturday:



2011 – The Recap

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The start of the year

Out with a bang






For those of you who have been reading along, you know I had a plan:

  1. Leave the continent – Didn’t happen
  2. Quit my job (10 years of state employment is more than a person should endure) CHECK!
  3. Take on a massive design project –  I call it life phase 2.0
  4. Read more – I read a lot on the internet
  5. Spend less money/time on home repair CHECK! I sold that money pit over the summer.
  6. Master Indian Cuisine –  Can one really master Indian Cuisine?

After writing this list I revised it to say that I was going to be the opposite of my breeder friends.  I was going to quit my job and focus on my art.  CHECK!  Some things fell into place a little later vs. sooner but, I managed to make it happen. I am thankful for the people that helped along the way.  Friends old and new.

Here’s my year in lists.

This year in live music: SXSW 2011 ( Theophilus London, Foster the People, Noah and the Whale, Portugal. the ManCharles Bradley and the Menahan Street BandTV on the Radio , Ellie Goulding, Smith Westerns,  Matt and Kim J. Roddy Walston and The Business,and Wanda Jackson.) Reggie Watts, Arcade Fire, Thermals and Matt and Kim, and Junior Boys,  Fun^3 Fest 2011 (Heartless Bastards, Thermals, Franki Chan, Big Freedia, Reggie Watts, Four TetPublic Enemy, Passion PitT-Bird and the Breaks, Joy Formidable, M83, Lykke LiWe Were Promised Jetpacks, Mates of State, MNDR, Austra, Ted Leo Architecture in Helsinki, Del the Funky Homosapien, Flying Lotus,  and Diplo)

This year in Sewing: Restoration work for Amelia’s RetroVogue,  participating in Vintage Vivant, Costuming for Riley Do Right and A Ride with Bob,  In-store seamstress gig at Frock on Vintage, and altering a few wedding dresses.

This year on the interwebs: A few site redesigns, getting to know social media.  Giving up on Gowalla.

This year in Movies: I joined AFS so I could see more new releases for cheap or free! . (theater) The Muppets,  Thunder Soul, Beats, Rhymes and Life: the Travels of a Tribe Called Quest , Cowboys and Aliens, White Material, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2,White Material Submarine, Everything Must GoWAR!: Women Art Revolution. SXSW (the Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, Little Deaths, Documentary ShortsBeing Elmo: A Puppeteers Journey, SuperConan O’Brien Can’t Stop, Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Narrative 2, Medium Cool, Something Ventured El Bulli: Cooking in Progress, Fambul Tok, Blacktino, Hesher, the Other F Word, Our Day will Come, A Matter of Taste: Serving up Paul Liebrandt, Outside Industry: The Story of SXSW, and PressPausePlay.).

This year in Books: Sadly not much time for reading this year… Goodreads

This year in kicking ass: I am officially DBA Spinsta.   I was a SXSW Crew Chief.  I got promoted to Bookkeeper/Money wrangler for BluesShout!, Refashionista, Fun^3 Fest Blogger, Apparel Surgeon, and baby whisperer.

Unfinished Business: Just before Christmas I got an email from my friend who is a stylist for Amazon.  He asked me to ship him some stuff to shoot.  We had been talking about it for awhile so I made it happen.  Stay tuned.



Plans for 2012 (in no particular order):

  1. Seeing my favorite kiddos in SC
  2. Collaborating with Savannahred and many more designers
  3. Teaching sewing classes
  4. Saving the lives of many more garments
  5. Brushing up on ASL
  6. I am thinking about guitar again or maybe accordion




We Were Promised Jetpacks

by @ Wednesday, December 14th, 2011. Filed under concerts, fun^3 fest, Music, sxsw

M Shooting We Were Promised Jetpacks

M happened to track down We Were Promised Jetpacks while I was checking out Mates of State.  We were able to sit down and interview Sean their bassist.

M accidentally kicked off the interview by saying that we were with Sean of Frightened Rabbit.  We quickly jumped into our first question about touring with the other Scots. The last few times we saw them they were playing with Frightened Rabbit or Twilight Sad.  We asked if they could play a gig with any band, who would it be?  Sean  said they like touring with friends.  They’ve toured with Royal Bangs and they would like to tour with Lady North.

We asked if they were happy to be back in the states.  They were exited.  M mentioned that they would be touring up until Christmas (that’s what the tour schedule looked like on the website).  We were wrong on that one.  They guys are going to get a break soon and they will spend some time in England.  They plan to practice and watch football (aka soccer).  At this point in time 2.0 got really excited about football (he managed to hold his questions until the end.). We asked what his Fun^3 Fest highlights were.  He said that they played Dallas last night and arrived in Austin at 4am. They wouldn’t have time to check anything out.  He said that he enjoyed playing today.  I thanked him for the sunshine they summoned during “Roll up your sleeves”.  He enjoyed playing today.  He said it’s been his best festival experience.

Apparently the guys will be back in Austin for SXSW 2012.  They were here for SXSW 2009 and 2010.  One of Sean’s favorite venues to play is Emos.  We had to give him the sad news that the venue is no more.  They moved.  We asked if it was the venue or the crowd that made it is favorite.  He said the crowd.  But he also mentioned the sound was good.  We had to burst that bubble as well.  They bring in sound people for SXSW.

Our last question was if he knew of any up and coming Scottish bands we should watch for.  Over the Wall, Lady North, and Three Blind Wolves.

If you have some time, check out the new album and catch them at SXSW in March.



These are the Breaks

by @ Wednesday, December 14th, 2011. Filed under concerts, fun^3 fest, Music

T-Bird and the Breaks Photo by

M and I had the opportunity to sit down with Tim “T-bird” Crane and Sam Patlove of T-Bird and the Breaks on Saturday afternoon during Fun^3 Fest.

We told them that we weren’t interested in the usual interview stuff.  Like what clothes they were wearing (apparently they get asked about that a lot).  Although we did give them props for their mashup style on the stage Saturday afternoon.  T-bird and Sam were sporting the more Hip-hop/Gangsta clothes (they were inspired by the Public Enemy show the night before), both in shorts, t-shirts, bandanas and high tops.  The rest of the band was right out of Motown.  The three back up dancers in red dresses, the bassist in a fly red dinner jacket, the horn line in black.  Then there is the guitar player.  He gets mad points for the Dashiki.

Now for the interview.  M and I had prepped a few talking points in case we blanked out.

On Education:

We asked the dudes about T-bird’s music education.  T-bird spent a lot of time skipping school (he ended up dropping out) to “study” music in the record stores.  We asked about what kids were doing these days with music programs in schools getting cut and with record stores around the nation closing their doors.  T-bird said that even with the loss of stores, it’s easy to see what’s hot.  Music is so much more accessible with the internet.

We asked the dudes about their musical preference.  It was a no brainer.  They are vinyl guys.  They shop at Breakaway and End of an Ear if they have the money.  T-bird’s last record purchase was Herbie Hancock’s Fat Albert Rotunda (We may here a few licks from it in future songs).  Sam’s latest purchase was the tUnE-YarDs “w h o k i l l” on iTunes.  I asked if they ever thought about putting out something for record store day.  They said they would love to but didn’t have an avenue for getting involved.  I told them if I found out how to make it happen I would let them know.

On Finance:

We asked the dudes about how they support a band this big.  There are 10 of them right now.  Some artists have been forced to scale back due to travel costs.  They do their best by hiring session artists for recordings and take tapes on the road or pick them up on the way.  We asked if they envisioned scaling back anytime soon.

T-bird said that the current material requires all these people.  They can’t sacrifice sound so they make due.

M asked the dudes what they are doing to keep the lights on.  They said that keeping the lights on is hard.  Some of them don’t have electricity right now.  M asked them about the oddest jobs they pulled for cash.  Plasma donation was on the list.  Their guitarist Johnny “Too-Bad” Allison drives a bus for an after school karate program.

And now for the music…

I asked T-bird why they gave their genre the name “Chunk”.  They could have gone along with the other neo-soul artists.  He deferred to Sam.  Sam said that chunk was a mix of funk, hip-hop, and rock.  They would prefer to stay uncategorized, but when you have 5 categories to choose from on iTunes, or you are trying to tell people what your sound is like, you have too.  Chunk because their music is chunky.  I told them that my friends and I would classify it as music with some ass in it (aka. heavy bottom).  They agreed.

We asked the dudes what they had liked so far at the fest (We delayed our interview with them so they could check out the tUnE-YarDs).  T-bird was pumped about tUnE-YarDs, Big Freedia and Public Enemy. Sam thought tUnE-YarDs were super fresh.  He also enjoyed Reggie Watts, and Ocote Soul sound.

We joked about the issues with the sound during a few sets.  I told them that the sound guy thought we were rollin’ through the hood.

My final question for the band was, “would they ever do a soundtrack for a blaxploitation film?”  The response, “Hells Yes!” I told them that the question was spawned by the   Mayfield-esque guitar riff during their set.

The band’s next gig will be on New Year’s Eve at Stubb’s. Tickets are available here.

Stay tuned for M’s photos from the fest.


Fun^3 Fest 2011 – the recap

by @ Tuesday, November 8th, 2011. Filed under concerts, fun^3 fest, Music

Jen & M at the Fest by Nathan Malone

I’ve been checking out what my fellow bloggers had to say about the fest now that it is over.  I forgot to mention a few things in my daily synapses so I will try and sum it all up now while I test drive my new laptop speakers (Scout and I are rockin’ out to Stax-Volt: the Complete Singles 1959-1968).

Total # of bands:~26  Heartless Bastards, Thermals, Franki Chan, Big Freedia, Reggie Watts, Four TetPublic Enemy, Passion PitT-Bird and the Breaks, Joy Formidable, M83, Lykke Li, Spoon*, Crooks*, Soul Khan*, SPEAK*, Le Butcherettes*,  We Were Promised Jetpacks, Mates of State, MNDR, Austra, Ted Leo Architecture in Helsinki, Del the Funky Homosapien, Flying Lotus,  and Diplo

*streamed on Pitchfork

I have to say that my top 5 bands at the fest were Joy Formidable, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Thermals, Architecture in Helsinki, and  T-Bird and the Breaks. There was definitely some face melting.  I was behind the photo pit railing for all of these sets.

Total $ spent: $26 on beer and tips.   The prices were comparable to most festivals.   I was lucky to snag free food in the media area 2 nights in a row.

Carbon Footprint: I biked to the festival every day.  The only downfall was when some db decided to park their bike on top  of mine.

And now for the Rants/Raves: I have to admit that I was one of the doubters when the organizers said that the fest was moving to Auditorium Shores.  I liked Waterloo Park.  It was small, easy to navigate, there was shade, and the hill provided an amphitheater-like setting.   Moving the fest allowed for more attendees, bigger stages, more venders, and some pretty big headliners. I get it.

If I had interest in the Black Stage I may have complained about the hike, but honestly, I didn’t lose anything over there.  I spent most of my time between the orange and blue stages.  The media area was conveniently placed between the two.  My one venture out to the yellow stage was for Reggie Watts.  I wasn’t digging the tent, especially the fact that people were  smoking in the tent (WHY?!).  My guess it was there to help with the sound.

I would like to thank the organizers and Pitchfork for streaming the fest.  Best idea ever.  Taking time off from work is always rough, but I was able to get some work in on Sunday morning while I streamed a few bands.

For the most part things went smoothly during this transition year.  It could have been a complete cluster.  Security even upped their game this year.  Even with the pat down lines I was able to get into the fest in a decent amount of time.

So yes, I had fun.  Was it a full 3 Funs? Not really.  More like 2.25 Funs.  I was exhausted from my crazy work schedule. For those of you reading my tweets over the weekend, yes, I was Ms. Crankypants.  I needed a nap. If scheduling permits, I will be back again next year.  If someone wants to hook me up with free PIP passes, I will gladly party it out and write about my experience.

Stay tuned for the interviews with We Were Promised Jetpacks and T-Bird and the Breaks.




Fun and Done!

by @ Monday, November 7th, 2011. Filed under concerts, fun^3 fest, Music

Hipster Shrapnel

I decided to start my day in the comfort of my jammies (BTW. Jammies are for wearing at HOME!).  It was awesome. M’s wish for rain came true this morning.  Pros: No dust today. Cons: Wetness and possibly mud.  Never fear little readers.  Pitchfork was streaming the fest.  I got some work done, tweeted with @g_ack about the benefits of “working” from home, and streamed Crooks from the orange stage.

I decided that I didn’t need to be at the fest until 2ish so I could be there for We Were Promised Jetpacks.  I managed to work on my Foxy Brown Jumpsuit while streaming Soul Khan, a little bit of SPEAK, and some Le Butcherettes.  The downside of getting to the park late was that my prime bike parking at the Long Center was gone.  I had to park in the bike jungle.

After the requisite bag search (BTW. A camelback is a small backpack but not all small backpacks are camelbacks.  Take that security lady.  I have a children’s backpack) and pat down I made it to the park just in time to get a good spot at the orange stage.  We Were Promised Jetpacks came in to melt faces and bring back the sunshine.  M managed to shoot part of their set from the pit.

I stuck around the orange stage to catch Mates of State.  I hadn’t seen them in a while so I figured why not.  They managed to bring a cool breeze and rain to the orange stage.  My experience was slightly marred by the dude that decided to park himself in front of me to take pictures of Gosling.  Seriously?  Leave the man alone.  Not even the site of the tiny Mates dancing it out in the back of the stage could restore my happiness (P.S. they were adorable).

Next up, Blue Stage to catch the end of MNDR.  I hadn’t planned on checking them out but it was on the way to the media area.  Not bad.  I was debating whether or not to stick around for Austra when I ran into Angeliska and Hipster girl (Her name is Corinne, but after dubbing her Hipster girl I can’t go back).  I had to get my picture taken with her.  I told her I she was a favorite of mine and Scout’s parents.  She laughed.  We parted ways when Austra started playing (witchy trance is not for me).

I hit the media tent afterwards to find M and 2.0.  We managed to score a quick interview with Sean, the bassist from We Were Promised Jetpacks.  Then we split up. M and 2.0 covered Kid Dynamite on the Dark Stage and I headed to orange for the end of Ted Leo and Architecture in Helsinki.  Both bands were full of energy.  Sadly, the sound guy was not so good.  During the Architecture set, I saw several bandmates using some strange form of sign language to get the guys attention and try and fix the sound.    Luckily they put on a good stage show.  They even threw in a cover of Londonbeat’s “I’ve Been Thinking About You” (I had a million flashbacks of the early 90s).

After the showI headed off to the blue stage to catch some of Del the Funky Homosapien.  Not bad.  A bit crowded.   I met M back in the media area to come up with our end of fest strategy.  We were both tired.  We decided to make an attempt at covering Flying Lotus (and we met a checkered man on the way).  For some reason the entrance to the photo pit was closed off on one side.  We hunted around for awhile with another photographer only to find out that they weren’t letting people shoot.  Back to the media area.  We could listen from there and sit down with a beer. I scored a free veggie dog from Frank.  Normally I avoid faux meat (the texture freaks me out), but I was pretty hungry and it was free.

I closed out the night with Diplo.  I was safe inside the fenced off media area.  I didn’t have to deal with the raging hipsters jumping around and throwing stuff.  I saw someone crowd surf on an air mattress during the Flying Lotus set (how did that get though the bag search and pat down?).  There was no way I was going out there.  As usual, Diplo was hot (but not as hot as this).  I don’t care what M says.  I had my DJ goggles on.  DJs are HOT!  I bailed when the sound of Slayer destroying the orange stage started to bleed over into my area.  It was time to ride home and be clean.  Once again I had to get assistance to free my bike from the rack (damn you hipster for putting your bike on top of my bike).

I am home and clean now.  Enjoy the unedited slideshow of my day. M took a ton of photos on the BAC. Stay tuned.




I think we are having fun

by @ Saturday, November 5th, 2011. Filed under concerts, fun^3 fest, Music

Unknown Man in Tights

2.o asked if I was having fun.  Yes, I am.  I am just tired and unable to express my happiness right now.  I need that energy to keep moving.

I attempted to catch up on a few things at the house before heading down to the park.  I cleaned my house, cooked my breakfast, crammed for our T-Bird and the Breaks interview, and made it to the park by 1:45.  I started my day out at the Blue Stage T-Bird and the Breaks.  Wise choice.  I needed a dose of funk and soul if I was going to make it through another day of dust and hipsters.  I’ve been digging their latest album and their live show didn’t disappoint.  I danced with my camera behind the railing and M was in the pit.

Next it was off to the Orange Stage for Joy Formidable …and spotting the Unknown Man in Tights.  He should have a cape.  I was sad I missed them during SXSW.  Today definitely made up for that.  M managed to hop in the photo pit to shoot for a little while.  I was perched at the railing absorbing a great day and a great band.  I never thought I would say it, but that lead singer is on the same happiness level as Kim, of Matt and Kim.

After their set, M and I headed back to the Media tent for our interview (I hope to get that posted along with pics from the show sometime this week if Scout behaves.).  The interview was great. We wrapped it up in about 15 mins and discovered someone had left us a delicious meal of Homeslice Pizza. Whoever you are, Thank you.  I will now use that money I would have spent on food for beer.

We managed to get to M83 with enough time for M to hop in the queue for the photo pit.  I didn’t get there soon enough to be super close to the stage but I had an ok view.  It’s a different experience when you are part of the crowd.  You get to meet someone with one of those snapp capp soda savers on there beer when you do that.

After the show M and I had a “work” meeting in the media area.  Yes, there was beer involved.  We are hoping to get another interview in tomorrow. After the meeting I attempted to see  Lykke Li.  No such luck.  I ended up biking home and I streamed the rest of Spoon’s set on the interwebz (Thanks Pitchfork).

So that’s a wrap for day two.  It’s time for bed. Enjoy the unedited slideshow of my day. M took a ton of photos on the BAC. Stay tuned.



Are we having fun yet?

by @ Friday, November 4th, 2011. Filed under concerts, fashion, fun^3 fest, Music

Unknown Caped Crusader

After a slight hitch with wristbands (too much to write down right now), we kicked off our fourth Fun^3 Fest.   I met M and 2.0 at the park (Bike parking is a bit of a cluster) around 2.  We watched the sheeple and planned our evening.  M and I took a stroll around the park to see if my plan to jump between blue and orange was feasible. Slightly cumbersome, but I was game for the challenge.

We managed to locate a few key things on our trip.  Media area, water refill station (Did I not say, “Bring an empty water bottle”?), cell phone charging station…  We checked out the food vendors (I could hardly think about food after ingesting my first course of festival dust).  We determined that the cheapest entree was the $4 Frito pie.  After grabbing fries from Aquarelle (BTW.  Fries + festival dust = not so good)  and charging M’s phone, we hit the beer tent.  WHAT? $9 for a beer?  Oh wait, it’s 24oz.  That’s 2 beers in one can (This is where that coozie becomes useful.  Next year I am going to have these…)

Now it was time to get to work.  We hit the orange stage so we could check out Heartless Bastards.  I am not sure what the sound guy was thinking.  With the amount of bass you would think that we were rollin’ though the hood with a low rider and spinning rims.  After M shot from the pit we moved to the other side of the stage to watch the Thermals set up (We also found our first caped crusader of the weekend).  I wasn’t going to miss them this time (some of you may recall the last time I saw the Thermals).  It was a great set until the hipsters kicked up all the dust and started crowd surfing.

After hitting the port-o-potty labyrinth, I headed over to the blue stage to catch the rest of Franki Chan.  I was a little scared that Franki had completely changed his style.  There was an untz, untz, untz… blaring from the speakers when I walked up.  It was just a phase.  He mixed in my summer skate jam of 1985. ” I’ve got a crush on you” by the Jets.  I remember collecting Kool Aid points to get their cassette and seeing them at the fair grounds in New York.

Big Freedia was on stage next.  She didn’t have as many dancers as last year, but Meg and Chris’ favorite was there.  Hipster Girl!  In addition to the usual stage show, I had the pleasure of watching Franki Chan’s reaction.  There was also an appearance by Ryan Gosling (Mr. Gosling, why weren’t you shaking your azz? Oh, you are filming a movie) . There were probably a few more celebrity appearances but I didn’t have time to find out.  I wanted to see Reggie Watts.  I saw him at the Fusebox Festival this Spring and was blown away.    I wanted to have fun.  Unfortunately some dudes decided to push to the front and start smoking. Apparently they didn’t get the memo that it wasn’t polite to smoke in a tent.  Reggie restored my happiness by mocking CYHSY singing Satin.  Hilarious.  He said it was too happy.  Like they were singing about Seitan.

I left Reggie to check out Public Enemy and managed to catch the end of Four Tet‘s set.  Four Tet sounded great. Public Enemy, not so much.  Riddle me this,  If you were a sound guy, running boards for a rap artist, is it not important to have vocals in the speaker?  I bailed and went to see the end of Passion Pit‘s set.  Their sound guy didn’t hate them as much.   I don’t know what it is about that band when they get on a big stage with lots of blinky lights, but they certainly deliver. I had another childhood flash back. Flashing lights + synth pop managed to conjure up my first Disney Electric Light  Parade.  I forgive them for that subpar performance at Emo’s a few years back.

We left the fest at during the encore to avoid getting trampled by sheeple.  I am glad I didn’t go alone.  My bike was wedged under 3 bikes.  M and 2.0 had to help free it.

So that’s a wrap for day one.  It’s time for bed. Enjoy the unedited slideshow of my day. M took a ton of photos on the BAC. Stay tuned.



Anger Management and Conflict Resolution

by @ Thursday, October 27th, 2011. Filed under concerts, fun^3 fest, Music

Today’s game plan:  Resolve the conflict in my Fun^3 Fest schedule.  Somehow I managed to listen to most of the Orange Stage artists in between bouts of infant rage (I am beginning to understand why the day care I used to work at didn’t take kids under 6 months).  Seriously, it would be a good day if I could get the schedule done, tame the rage in Ms. Crankypants, and find a pair of brown leather boots that fit my 13.5 inch calves.

So, I didn’t find boots,  I managed to reduce the rage, and I figured out most of the my schedule.

My Friday depends on how soon I can get back from the office, change, grab my stuff and bike down to the park (Downhill almost all the way).

Saturday’s Schedule needs work.  There are a lot of early afternoon bands that I don’t know.

Sunday may be a light day.








Fun^3 Fest Survival Guide

by @ Wednesday, October 26th, 2011. Filed under bike, concerts, fun^3 fest, Music

After surviving another bout of infant rage (Thanks, Scout) I think Fun^3 Fest will be a breeze. Bring on the inconsiderate hipsters who dare to mosh to shoegaze.

They launched a mobile app.  Sadly it is not for Android users. I will be using my grid schedule on Google docs.

Apparently the  app features:


The fest is 9 days away and I am still figuring out my game plan.This weekend I will load the little backpack up with the usual survival gear.

Useful Festival Gear:
Very few people are prepared for an all day outdoor festival. Granted, there are a few unallowables. But still, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pack a few things.

Seriously kids, parking near the Fest is not going to happen.  South of the river around the fest and the parking garages that are close are being used by Palmer Center and Long Center’s events that weekend, so they will NOT be available. DO NOT PARK IN THE BOULDIN CREEK NEIGHBORHOOD UNLESS YOU LIKE BEING TOWED.


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