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The early bird- Fun^3 flys again

by @ Saturday, September 11th, 2010. Filed under 17dates, boys, concerts, fun^3 fest, Music, note to readers, random musings, sxsw

Life has been way less organized these last few months little readers. I feel bad because M and I are growing our little ticket farm and we have neglected to remind you of the following:

And now it’s time to get to business…

Fun^3 Fest M and I are early birds once again.  But due to an odd shift in the cosmos, we did not win the lottery to purchase said early bird tickets.  The Jew and 2.0 were some how chosen instead of us.  WTF?!   How did this happen?  We told them about the lottery. I suppose we can’t complain.  We weren’t exactly rolling in dough at the time.  I suppose we should commend ourselves for selling the festival to two dudes based on previous experiences.

Now that the full line up and schedule have been completed, it is GOOGLE SPREADSHEET TIME!  You know that M and I are huge nerds when it comes to cramming as much festival goodness in as possible.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the show.  My plan for the weekend is to catch up on writing and sleep.


The Hood Internet. These guys are my heroes!!

by @ Saturday, July 3rd, 2010. Filed under Music, random musings

My Heroes

These guys rock!  The show was great, and they’re from my home town.  Woot! Woot! Go Chicago!  In addition I would like say that they are super nice, totally willing to pose with their drunk fans… (A.K.A me that night).  We had a great time, and definitely plan on trying to catch them while we’re in Chicago in August.

This is my artistic shot of the night.

This was my attempt at being artistic.  I like the shot, but I won’t lie; it was just an off chance that I got it, we were busy having fun, not really taking pictures.


This is almost the same one that Jen took during SXSW this year.  We saw them at Karma Lounge on one of the last evenings.  That too was a great show.

Jen's not happy

Sometimes when you give Jen whiskey, she gets mean.


The show WILL sell out

by @ Thursday, June 10th, 2010. Filed under concerts, dating, Music, random musings

So M and I buy tickets for shows during pre-sale or within seconds of tickets going on sale.
This is Austin, venues are small, shows WILL sell out.  When we tell you to buy your tickets, you should listen.  90% of the time we are right.

M bought the tickets for the upcoming Passion Pit/Tokyo Police Club show the day they went on sale. As always, we debated the need for an extra pair of tickets just in case.  We had a feeling that it would sell out fast so we decided to get them and deal with them later.

We bought our tickets for Miike Snow and the Middle East during SXSW (after we stumbled home from the Spin party).  We didn’t know if we would be available on those dates but we knew we couldn’t wait.  We ended up buying two extra tickets for Miike Snow because we knew that inevitably, one of our friends would forget to buy their ticket.

We attempted to get tickets to the Phoenix show (I gave M my credit card # so she could buy them for me while I was at the office).  Tickets went on sale at 10am.  M had the computer queued up at 9:45.  At 9:58 she attempted to hit the button to see if she could buy tickets. No luck.  The sale started at 9:56.  The show sold out in 2 minutes.

Vampire Weekend was a show we were on the fence about seeing.  Sadly we spent too much time on the fence and missed out on tickets to that show.

I received the email from the Pixies mailing list about the presale for the Doolittle tour over the weekend. I am not that excited about the show being at the Music Hall but it’s the Pixies and they rarely tour.  M and I WILL be going in September.

Fast forward to now…
Miike Snow (sold out). Great show, sadly Antone’s is not the greatest place to see a band.  The Jew got one of the spare tickets and the other one was sold on CL.

Middle East/Mumford and Sons (sold out and moved to another venue to sell out again).  La Zona Rosa was a much better venue to see this band.

Passion Pit/Tokyo Police Club (sold out, they added another day and they sold out again).  M and I plan on getting their early enough to be close enough to eat their faces.  The Jew gets the spare ticket.  Sometime between now and the show one lucky person will get the last ticket.


bon apetit

by @ Monday, October 12th, 2009. Filed under boys, random musings

So this year I was supposed to be enjoying men like a good meal.  Enjoy it while it lasts, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

So maybe this wasn’t the best plan for keeping things simple.

M and I are into food.  Sure we may be finished with something but we often want to know more about the meal.  What herbs and spices were used, was that a hint of carrot, etc… Sometimes we make an attempt to recreate something we had out.  Or use elements of a good meal in some other dish.

So, my last “dining” experience was awesome.  I tried to put it behind me, but two weeks later I find myself analyzing it and trying to find out why it was so good in the hopes of recreating it.  Or thinking somewhere back in my head that maybe I could go back for more.


I need to convince myself that this place serves local/seasonal and I can’t go back and get the same thing.  The service may start to suck.  Something!


Singing on the Quad today

by @ Monday, October 5th, 2009. Filed under observations on life, random musings

So, at school today, there were student musicians singing on the quad.  When Jen, 10HDG and I went to the free press thing in houston we saw this dude there.  He was spinning around, and we thought he was rolling. Since then, I’ve seen him a few times on campus, and he’s still smiling and telling everyone he loves them.  Now, I think he’s got it figured out.  Maybe a little crazy, but he is always so happy and appears to love everyone.

I took this video today before class, he was singing in celebration of what I think is National Comming Out day.


Sometimes I feel like Jane Goodall

by @ Sunday, August 2nd, 2009. Filed under boys, concerts, food, identity, Music, random musings

Yes, Jane Goodall.  Anthropologist.  Gorillas in the Mist…

The last few times I have gone downtown to hang out, I have felt completely out of place.

And you may find yourself in another part of the world
And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful
Wife And you may ask yourself-well…how did I get here?

Rather than infiltrate there social group I feel the need to study it.  This is how I entertained myself during my last two visits to Shangri la (that at the $2.75 vodka tonics).  Not only was I completely amused/confused my the hipster summer wear and handle bar mustaches  but, there was something else that I couldn’t put my finger on. Who are these people?  Where did they come from?  Have they been here all along? How can they afford to drink so much?  Do they build their own bikes?

So last night wasn’t much different. (more…)


…Rejection kills. Disappointment only maims…

by @ Sunday, July 19th, 2009. Filed under observations on life, phobias, random musings

So last night I left the house to join a few friends on a pub crawl through “Mexico.”  I figured it would be a good opportunity to get out and meet new people.  It wasn’t a complete failure.  I talked to a few people.  But at the same time I was reminded me how much I don’t like being in extremely crowded social situations.

I am not a people person.  Small groups are good.  Even small groups in a bar are ok.  But when you enter the bar with a herd of people that is already crowded,  it gets a little scary.  I start to feel like a lost kid in a crowd who has lost their mom.    I stayed for 75% of the event but after awhile I needed to go back to my posse and just hang out for a bit.  For some people, liquor helps these situations,  After 1.5 beers and 3 vodka tonics, I was still feeling lost and alone in the sea of people.

Towards the end of the night 10hdg and M were back to the usual shenanigans.  Trying to match up their single friends with random strangers in the bar.  This time I managed to escape because they had another victim for the night.  I also think that they sensed that I was exhausted from being around people for the previous 6 hours.  I was at the point where I may have gone fetal if I was rejected by a random stranger. I would rather walk off disappointed that I wasn’t approached by anyone that evening.

Can I keep it down to one rejection per month?  I think I could handle that. At least until I get my rhino heart.


Another year older and?…

by @ Wednesday, January 21st, 2009. Filed under confessional, random musings

Good question.  I suppose I have a few more days to formulate a different answer.

With Obama at the nations helm, I suppose I too am looking for change.

A change in attitude (much needed)

A change in outlook (maybe a little less judging and pessimistic)

It’s time to pick myself up, dust myself off and begin the work of remaking me.

Me 2.0

That’s what I am looking for.

Stronger, Faster, maybe with that rhino heart…


…like Fort Knox

by @ Wednesday, January 7th, 2009. Filed under random musings

Fort Knox - Photo from Wikipedia

This came up the other day so I decided to check out the definition. Choice #3 is a good fit.

guard·ed (gärdd)


1. Protected; defended.
2. Watched over; supervised.
3. Cautious; restrained: We view these changes with guarded optimism.

My needs are simple…

by @ Monday, January 5th, 2009. Filed under random musings

Maybe I will tell you about it one day…. when you are older 😉

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